Scar Tissue

In talking to the surgeon before Sammy was discharged from the puppy hospital, we found out that part of the process for this procedure is that scar tissue will basically cement the flap of the larynx to the side of his throat so his airway won’t constrict on him again.  Therefore the sutures they use in the surgery are rather fragile – which is why we have to keep him calm and give him special meals.

I must admit I might have forgotten about these limitations a little bit this evening.   The first problem is I thought his special meal smelled awful good and may have tried to bump his snout out of his bowl – that is until my parents separated us (what they don’t realize is my ultrasonic vocalizations let him know I was onto him).

Quick aside:  why is it called ultrasonic when we have no trouble hearing it?  I suspect it is another one of those human-centric terms.

The second issue arose when I started tornadoing around the living room.  After I did a clockwise triple spin followed by a double counterclockwise rotation, I bounced off the wall by the stairs and then ran up to Sambuca.  I did my patented downward dog double paw slap in front of him…no response.  I repeated the whole routine – except I may have varied the number of spins and again returned to Sam to try to get a reaction out of him…still nothing but this time I swear he rolled his eyes at me.

It then dawned on me what my parents had told me about trying to keep Sammy calm.


Once I got out my energy with a spin around the yard I came back in and suggested Sammy come outside and relax on the grass with me.



I’ll keep you posted on Sammy’s progress.


“Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you”


3 thoughts on “Scar Tissue

  1. A convalescent at home can be quite a handful. I am sure that you will find out some problems when you read Chutki’s new blog that will go alive in about half an hour.


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