Round and Round

One of the games Dad and I play a lot of mornings is for me to figure out which side of the barrier he is on.  Sometimes we’ll go back and forth a number of times before I am able to pin him down…at which point I get very excited and proud of myself for solving the puzzle.

I guess I should take a quick step back and explain the playing field in a little more detail./

Below is the basic floor plan of our day space in the house:

Basic Layout

There are barrier gates up in the hall and between the dining and living room.  Apparently we are not to be trusted by the door and the front window (with the couch underneath it) when we are alone.  This may be due to the fact that Sammy has shredded the blinds in the front windows once or twice but that was well before my time.  The good news of this layout is we get to look out the sliding glass doors into the backyard – which wouldn’t happen if we were stuck in our room.

So each morning our Dad has to put up the double barrier gates by the dining room (the hallway barrier isn’t put up until Mom comes downstairs).  My job is to determine if Dad is in the dining room or the living room.  He is tricky though because when I come around one corner it looks like he is in the dining room:

Dad 1

So I will circle back around and all of a sudden he looks like he is in the living room:

Dad 2

I am pretty quick so going back and forth doesn’t take me any time at all.

I am also pretty clever and soon I figure out his tricks and catch him on the same side of the barriers as I am:

Dad 3

This is a pretty good time…especially when I catch up with him and get pets while giving him kisses.

So why do I relate this tale now?

Well – of course it has to do with my big brother Sambuca!

Besides taking his medication and eating his special foods my parents were supposed to take care of his stitches on the side of his neck.  One of these treatments was to put a warm compress on his neck to help with the inflammation.  This is done by wetting some paper towels and putting them in a plastic bag and then the whole lot goes in the microwave for 20-30 s.  The warm, moist compress is then wrapped in a dry towel and applied to Sammy’s wound.  The first time this was done Sammy had no idea what was going on so it caught him by surprise…I think he was hoping Dad was making popcorn.  However, my bro is also a quick learner and the second time Dad got the compress ready Sammy was prepared.

His solution:  The Round-n-Round game.

Dad tried to catch up with him going clockwise but Sammy was too far ahead so Dad tried reversing field and going counter-clockwise.  Sammy heard his footsteps and also switched directions.  This went on for a good 2-3 minutes and it took my mom stepping in to hold Sammy in place for my dad to catch up with him.  By the way, the whole time I was standing on the sidelines watching the whole thing and having a good chuckle.

It was at this point I thought to myself: “That Sammy is going to be alright!”



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