Sammy is still getting better – now not only counter-surfing but also stealing stuff like mail and shredding it, pulling pillows off the couch, etc…what a card he is!

This weekend was a bit different though as my parents went out of town and left me at home alone…and the pet sitter.  Sammy left with them Friday morning which I must admit made me a bit jealous – I was sure he was getting to go for a road trip with them and I could not figure out what I did wrong that resulted in me being left behind.  But as I found out Sunday this was not the case.  Sammy was left at the emergency vet so they could take care of his wound and make sure he was eating properly. I figured this out even before he told me since the stitches had been removed from the side of his neck.

Anyhow, now that everyone is back home things are returning to our more normal routine.  This included a walk around the short block in the evening…Sammy is still not allowed to over exert himself with long walks.  Just in case you were worried, the short block still allows me plenty of time for multiple jumps and jump sequences – something I have been working hard on lately trying to up the degree of difficulty.

This is our normal route around the short block (note – the exact deviations in the oval change from day to day):


As we neared home Sammy started acting strange and slowing down.  I realized his behavior was occurring in about the same location as his initial breathing problems…what I have termed his “area of distress” or just AoD:

Area of Distress

This morning my parents decided to try going around the block in the opposite direction:


This time, he didn’t seem to have any issues walking by the AoD and upon our return home, he did not delay walking up the driveway.

This evening my parents went on auto-pilot which meant going clockwise.  Once again once we got to the AoD Sammy basically stopped and did not want to go on until we crossed the road.  I think the old guy actually remembers his whole experience and much to my relief he is not interested in returning to the land of big, fat, slow rabbits.  The other good news I am taking from this is he hasn’t slipped over the edge of senility (nor is he experiencing major memory loss as a result of his near death experience).  It makes me sad that he remembers those very scary moments but if we have to go counterclockwise from now on it is fine with me because:




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