Am No Ant

As any of you who are into word games and puzzles (Uncle Stephen – I am talking to you) the title of this blog is probably an obvious anagram for my name: Montana!

This I found by playing with a web page that will produce anagrams for anything you type.   Unlike the above title, however, not all of the responses make much sense as an actual phrase.  For instance, I found nothing good for Montana Moments – “Neat Mammon Snot” means nothing… even if you rearrange the words!

So why would I even be looking for an anagram for my name?  Well, it started because my Dad was trying to find a name for our vast estate/abode – inspired by my parent’s trip to England a few years back (apparently he tried this once before).  Nothing speaks of class like having a name instead of just an address for your house.   So he was trying a few things last night (his and mom’s first name, their respective last names, etc.) and accidentally left the web page open while he was at work.

A couple of things I read that were left up as possible names for our house included:

  • Albino Trinket
  • Boat Interlink
  • Retina Inkblot

Again, nothing that makes much sense in naming our house…Sammy is pretty light colored but not even he could be called an Albino.  A boat?  Not around this neighborhood – especially since the architect who designed our renovation refused to bring Lake Michigan up to our property line.  Finally, Retina Inkblot doesn’t make sense for a house name but does kind of capture my parents’ educational background – neuroscience and psychology.  This is no Rorschach Test, but if you recall my self portrait from a previous blog…  it takes a certain ability to make it a picture of me; much like finding shapes in the clouds.

Self Portrait

So getting back to when my Dad tried this before.  Either anagram generators improved or they no longer care about creating sequences of words that make sense.  I say this because Sammy told me how no matter how hard our Dad tried, he got nothing meaningful from all sorts of combinations.  So this particular website allows one to try different languages.  Since both my parents are from Scandinavian ancestry – I assume this is something similar to being a point setter, a Bernese mountain dog or a Norwegian Elk hound (but I am no geneticist) – my Dad typed their names into a Swedish anagram generator and back translated the results to come up with: “Noble Scheme.”

From Wikipedia:  “A Great and Noble Scheme”, by John Mack Faragher presents the daunting facts about the terrible French removal in a logical history, combined in one nicely readable text. 

Logical history sounded pretty good to me but we aren’t really of French origin – I am from Tennessee which I believe is not even French Canadian, or New Orleans and the Cajuns.

As far as I can tell, there is no perfect answer to what we should name our home based on these choices.  I personally would settle for Mo-Tor, but that may be a bit selfish of me even though I am the princess.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

While you think that over, just let me say that it was a pretty nice weekend for early March around here.  Sammy and I took full advantage:

Even tonight wasn’t so bad – temperature wise – on our walk.  But now that we are finished with all that I’ll call it a day.


Good night.


5 thoughts on “Am No Ant

  1. such a little round ball of a princess. I love the pictures. more and more please!
    I took the first two letters of each of your names.
    ka to mo sa
    Katomosa. or Samotoka or well… you get the picture! Tokamosa. that sounds like a drink.
    or an island in the pacific. it’s hard not to stop.
    when I was a campfire girl we had to come up with an indian name.
    my apologies in advance to all your native american followers… for using the word indian for native american and for insulting their honored culture the way I’m about to…
    but when I was a little 10 year old campfire girl… it was indian.
    my indian name was LOve HAppy KInd. Lohaki.
    when I walked up to the front with my candle and solemnly took my place with the other girls
    and said my name in a loud clear little voice… “I am Princess Lo Ha Ki.” (pronounced Lo Hockey)
    the audience dissolved into guffaws. very grown up grown ups. just a bunch of doo doo if you ask me.
    so… maybe my idea isn’t so good after all.
    I named my apartment ‘the wren house’ because it’s high up and it’s only 525 square feet.
    maybe you could name yours after a bird too. one that montana likes to chase. XOXO♥


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