Lessons from a Fox

I have been working on a couple of longer stories – at least in my mind – but haven’t put the pen to paper…so to speak.   Hopefully now that the drama of Selection Sunday is behind us my scribe can focus a little more on getting these stories out to everyone.  But before I go into today’s short story I thought I should expand on the whole Selection Sunday comment.

  1. Selection Sunday is when they announce the teams that make the men’s NCAA basketball national championship tournament.-This year the show dragged on FOREVER and was particularly painful for my parents since Michigan (their team of choice) was on the bubble – meaning they may or may not make the tourney.  Luckily for me (since they would go ON AND ON about it if the team didn’t make it) the team did make it.
  2. This year, it coincided with the annual Crawfish Boil at Bluegrass – once again I was not invited.  But be sure, I sniffed out their subterfuge as soon as they walked in the door – have I mentioned I LOVE seafood?  And to add insult to injury they did not even share the chocolate chip cookie they brought home with them!  I better move on or I’ll get myself all worked up again and that will not be good given it is Sunday evening.


So, on to my point for tonight.  The Fox.  Check out this entrepreneur:


If only I had seen this before the crawfish boil I would have figured out a way into the event and paid my own way…well, I guess it isn’t really paying with my own money, but you get the idea.

However, in the future, I will be prepared well in advance (Dad – better count the money in your wallet every day…he he he).

Take Care,


By the way, don’t think the beaded necklace or the boas make up for the lack of toe-licking good eats (although the squeakers in the snakes are a good time) – remember, I know where you leave your cash!

4 thoughts on “Lessons from a Fox

  1. Found another version of the fox video. If this doesn’t work, just search in youtube (or probably google) for fox, wallet, golfer – or some combination thereof.


  2. I got to see it here before it went ‘off!’ … so cool! and it looked like the little fox was coming BACK
    to try to take it again!!!
    your little foxes are looking pretty cool too. as always. 🙂


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