D.I.M.: Home Improvement Addition

DIM is obviously an acronym for “do it myself”.  I thought it was more polite than what I really want to say which is JGOOMWAAWM.  Plus it is a pronounceable acronym which we like to collect in our family.  Like SCUBA, RADAR, OMSI (well in Portland they think that is pronounceable), MASH,  etc.

So the other day I was playing fetch with Dad when accidentally something totally unexpected and unanticipated occured.  So happens, this may have been my best idea EVER.

See, after throwing the object we were playing with, Dad absentmindedly turned and closed the screen door – even though it is my habit to run past him with my prize upon return from the “fetch” portion of the game.  Usually, the next part game is a tug of war of sorts where I either drop the toy or proceed to wrestle him for it until he sticks his fingers in my mouth and pries it open – the rules of this part of the game being established before beginning, of course.  I have gotten a lot better with the finger thing since I can see it coming (and know it is coming due to our agreement) so I can twist my head in all sorts of directions to prevent his prying ways.  I of course growl viciously during this part too since it adds to the drama!  So anyhow, rather than running into the house through the open door I ran through the screen door Dad had just closed and VIOLA! an instant dog door!  Brilliant I am! …once I shook of the cobwebs and realized what I had accomplished.

From then on I have another way to get outside OR more importantly to the couch from outside to bark at any trespassers on our sidewalk.  Even Sammy has taken to using my new invention – although the old guy still gets confused on occasion.

In case you doubt me, on the utility of my work, here is a short video with a few examples.

The Tempest

BTW, JGOOMWAAWM = Just get out of my way already and watch me


2 thoughts on “D.I.M.: Home Improvement Addition

  1. wow. I am really impressed. did you know you can BUY screens like that?
    stops the flys and bugs and lets the important home dwellers through. anytime they want apparently.
    I love your home and garden. very beautiful you know. it’s important you guard it well when you’re not having your jaws pried open.
    speaking of… if I were you i’d be sitting at the table trying to figure out how to clean that plate off with those jaws! YUM! xo


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