The Tempest Workout Plan

Do I have a 6-pack?  Oh yeah I do…despite what the vet said recently.   Last time I was in the office she made a comment that although I was 57 pounds (down one from the time before) that “54 would look good on me.”  I of course looked at her indignantly and gave a very understandable grrr (but under my breath since she is the one with the all those needles and nail clippers).  Reminds me of the time my dad went to buy a suit and the sales guy said he needed vents in his jacket given “this” – at which point he pointed to his rump (he also let out a low grrrr – or so he told me).

So, as a result of the vets comment my meals have been reduced in an effort to get me to meet this new weight goal (btw – dad never did was put on the same restrictions despite his need for venting in his jacket).  So I took matters into my own paws.  I know there are two ways to lose weight – both related to the whole calories in/calories out thing.  So my plan was to up the calories out side of the equation and start lifting weights.   I tried this before but since the bar bells were my mothers I was told I had to find another way.

Which is when I heard about the 6-pack work out plan and it just so happens I saw one of these when I was at my grandparents recently.  Here is a short video illustrating the end of my work out:

You may be wondering why my grandparents had a six pack of beer sitting outside…especially with all those nasty beer-swilling skunks (and opossums) running around.  Just so happens that it wasn’t outside but in the basement and it wasn’t a full 6-pack but one with only two bottles in it.  Thus you could see why I was so frustrated that not only was my workout 4 short but that there was no bottle opener so I couldn’t even refresh with some hardy calories in!

Here is the full workout plan:


The Tempest

Unfortunately, the quality of that powerpoint slide that I had the scribe make may not be good enough after it was inserted into this blog for you to understand the workout so I will recap it for you in words.

  1. I walked downstairs to get the 6-pack
  2. I carried the 6-pack upstairs
  3. I took the 6-pack through the dog door outside
  4. I carried it across the deck and into the backyard.
  5. Bet you wish someone had captured the whole thing on video, eh?  😉
  6. My parents wondered where on earth I got the beer.  My FarMor noted the basement so they pieced it together.  TempiTrouble!

2 thoughts on “The Tempest Workout Plan

  1. you’ve GOT to be KIDDING ME???
    and they’re worried about YOUR 6 pack???
    enough to limit the princess’s kibbles?
    i’ll help you paint the sign and we will protest!!!
    just show them the start up speed in which you race around the yard and squeeze the DUCK!
    I dare old “VENTS” to do that maneuver!!! XOXO♥
    I don’t trust doctors. vets or otherwise.
    be careful tempi.


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