The Fashionista: Tempest Style

So… have you ever known someone with NO fashion sense?  If not, let me introduce you to my Dad – aka the scribe – and the shoes he considers/ed his “good” work shoes:

At best, these are like 10 years old!

So, The Tempest took matters into her own teeth.  I could see that with a few modifications he could maybe look like someone inhabiting the current trends.  After all, everyone knows that the open heel look is so in vogue.  So while my parents were off at work (Dad wearing his “dress” sneakers) I went to work to update his shoes to meet the”?=]\):

Now, if I am to be fully honest, I have to give Sambuca a bit of credit… and the weather.  See, yesterday it was quite stormy so we were inside most of the evening.  That on top of the ‘Bu having puked up a bunch of his lunch in the afternoon and not being interested in his dinner – which resulted in him having virtually no leg strength and getting my parents all worked up and staying up totally late worrying about his failing health – I had a bunch of built up psychic energy that was subsequently directed to my fashion inspiration!

Luckily, after some treats last night and a full breakfast and dinner today, Sammy is back to his old self and as a happy consequence my father is now in 2017 fashion!

The Tempest

PS – Hope I don’t end up puking up that tasty leather that was a part of his shoe.

PPS – RIP Mr. Petty

IMG_0031 2


3 thoughts on “The Fashionista: Tempest Style

  1. oh what a roller coaster ride! first I L’dOL!!! literally.
    then my heart right up in my throat worried immediately about Sammy.
    then relief when he started eating happily again.
    then more laughter at your antics.
    off here now. wondering what you’ll eat next! XO♥
    think i’ll go on the midway and have some fried ice cream.


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