The Super Box

Or, Temp-in-the-Box :).

As you may recall, my parents taunted me with stacks of cardboard boxes the other day.  Today they tortured me in a whole new way with these things.   There is more video to this story that I may share at a later date but suffice it to say I was tricked into getting into this oversized box – see the scribe put a treat in there which was covered with peanut butter (in fact, I think he may have even spread some of that peanuty goodness on the bottom since it took me awhile to clean things up).  What is not shown in this clip is the crank on the side of the box that Sammy was turning with his tail.

That’s all for now…apparently my parents are off to watch some football game or other at a friend of theirs and we are not invited…so I can’t work on editing the longer video of how I got into the box in the first place.

The Tempest



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