Pee-Girl Gets the Belt

This weekend we got to go to the vets again…this time for Sammy’s rabies shot.  Turns out they also wanted blood from each of us to test for heartworm – like I would let any of those creepy crawlers into my bloodstream!   Anyhow, they took me into one of the backrooms away from Sammy and my parents.  First they weighed me and apparently because of my voracious appetite and lack of exercise I added a little more to my total pound count (well, oz count).  In my defense, the past few days we have gotten a lot of snow (about a foot total) so it is hard to get in all my running around in the backyard.  And for those naysayers out there who are going to point out that the snow started on Friday and I got weighed on Saturday I will also let you know that it has been bitterly cold lately so our walks have been much shorter too…which may account for the extra poundage Dad has added to his frame.

After getting weighted they took me into another room which I can only describe as a torture chamber.  This is the place where they had taken me during previous visits and attempted to trim my nails.  This time, they got out a needle and took some of my blood right out of my leg.  The vet tech said I cried and peed on the floor.  This is true even if my parents didn’t hear/see it.  My Mom was very upset when she heard this.  I guess I thought she was upset that they tortured me; it appears she is upset that I selected to interpret this love as torture.  Comme si comme ca.

Good news is Sammy checked out fine and got his nails trimmed and is now all up to date on his rabies and whatnot.  He has to go back in a couple of weeks for another couple of shots.  Glad I am not him (tho Mo says I will be in August…)!  Sorry I got no pictures of either of us behaving perfectly at the vets.

In other news, earlier this week, I found this really cool chew toy that Dad often wraps around his waist.  He had left it “out of reach” on the desk.


There is also the Tempi trap gate in between where we roam and the belt.  However, the long arm of The Tempest is not going to be curbed by such obstacles when a genuine leather belt is around.  When they got home – from wherever they went without us – they found that the buckle and the leather strap were no longer joined together.   When my Dad tried wrapping what was left around his mid-section, there was not nearly enough leather to go around – but as I have said, he hasn’t been getting enough exercise lately.  Then at about 4 AM or so the following morning (or was it two days?), I asked to go outside which I sometimes do if things didn’t all get worked out during the day.   In this instance, I got to the bottom of the stairs, took two steps into the living room, and then out of my mouth came all these little squares of leather!  Who knew my belly could make such things?  Dad assured me everything was OK as he was cleaning up the mess and said he was proud of me that I didn’t let that stuff fly all over our bed.  After a quick jaunt around the yard I was encouraged to go back to bed and for some reason slept so much better the rest of the night.

The Tempest

By the way, the Musk book which is now also on the desk (as pictured above), was a great read.  I got through the hardcover with no problem. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pee-Girl Gets the Belt

  1. So your folks still haven’t figured out those long arms of yours, and you haven’t figured out the correlation between eating belts and getting sick. Fingers crossed for you all. (I hope I remember to wear on old hat the next time you come. I have spares but apparently I can’t buy them any more so I need to be careful.) 😀


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