The Spaghetti Monster Speaks

A few years back a pair of Norwegian brothers (Ylvis) taught us what the fox says, and also shared other videos around such subjects as Massachusetts, Tying Knots, Stardom and of course Stonehenge.  But to date, I don’t believe anyone has determined what a Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) says…and to be quite honest, until I got this new toy, I didn’t even know what one of these creatures was – they apparently aren’t indigenous to Illinois.

First off, this is what the FSM toy I got looks like (with me to give you some perspective on size and of course to add some natural beauty):

I am not saying I am a follower of this deity – in fact I think some may believe that having a godly creature in my mouth may constitute a four-legged form of blasphemy.  And I would not want to participate in that.

But before casting me off to the depths of whatever there is for Pastafarians (I don’t really like beer, so stale beer is not a large deterrent – this may be obvious for those who have been following my blog… I’m not really concerned about my behavior, folks), remember what I was playing with is just a cloth representation of the deity packed with cotton stuffing.   AND I was not wearing a strainer so it is clear that I haven’t totally adopted this belief system as MY religion.  Because if I am to be totally honest, I think I should be worshiped as the all powerful and singular idol.  And I should be able to eat what I want when I want without getting ill.

In case you aren’t aware of Pastafarianism, The Pastafarians, or their deity or traditions, here is a link to their Wikipedia entry:

Spaghetti Monster

My toy has a bit more crustacean and less meatball than the above painting but it was clear that this was indeed a FSM toy.  I wish I had meatballs… mmmm…

Which gets us back to my original point, which is what does one sound like?

Now, that is a noise that gets my attention EVERY time…so maybe that deity is something I could support…if everyone doesn’t come to terms with me being the head almighty that is.  And don’t let Sammy’s laughing at me dissuade you from joining The Tempest; we can have steak in our painting!

The Tempest


2 thoughts on “The Spaghetti Monster Speaks

  1. for a minute there I thought you had killed the monster!
    then in the third picture you are winking. so I thought… no.
    just tasting it.
    you need to write a tempi book. or open a seafood monster restaurant.
    either way you’re staring down success! XO♥


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