Dog’s Eye View

Those of you who have been following me for a while know how important my seat on the couch is.  What you may or may not know is that each dog who enters our abode to join our family does so with a “no dog on the couch” ultimatum.  Yep.  True.  This lasts for about the time it takes my Mom to look away.  So, we all end up on the couch at home unless we are too old (like Sammy right now).  The challenge is this: what to do when visiting others?

Well, at Farmor’s it is easy to learn “no Tempi on the couch,” as i) their couches are in boring parts of the house, and ii) their windows are low so easy for dog viewing.  The challenge is in the Mountains.  My Grandparent’s have this amazing pristine leather sofa which has been graced by no dog.  AND, the windows are high enough that the prime viewing of those amazing views are really only from the couch.  Or outside, but come on people.  Seriously?

So, during our last visit one fine morning I thought I would get on the couch.  As I started to climb up (I have long legs) my Mom said ” no dogs on the couch” and brought my bed to the living room.  I stretched to show her that there was no way I could sit on the bed and look out the window, to which she pointed to the open door (it was unseasonably warm) and said lay on the porch if you wish.  I even gave her my big amber eye expression that usually melts her heart…but no, it was my bed or outside.  Those of you who know me know this probably did not sit well.  You also know I am a smart girl who likes to think things through.  So, this is what happened the next morning:

Me – start to climb on couch.

Mom – “no dogs on the couch.”  She went to get our bed, and came back to me standing on the table.  Ha ha ha.  No dogs on the couch?  Take that!

Mom said “dogs don’t stand on the table,” ran to get her camera (that would be a phone – what a misnomer, if you ask me btw) and came back to this:

Ha!  No dogs standing on the table!  And I have a great view of the vast horizon.  Take that.  Mom then said “dogs don’t sit on the table!”  Okay, Mom, happy to oblige:

Still can see the vista lying on the table…except when my eyes are closed.

The Tempest

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