The Morning After

Exhausted.  Not only did we not get to bed real late last night because the Michigan basketball game lasted to almost midnight but then this morning we went on a really long walk waiting for a light bulb to be replaced in our car.  Well, to be completely honest, I did end up going upstairs and crawled into bed before the game was over.  This allowed Sam to get a spot on the couch with the other old guy.  Those of you who follow the maize and blue will understand the first photo is Sam’s incredulous reaction to the ugly ugly start to the game.  The second is once he realized we could win with the bench and the defense.

The good news, which I found out about this morning, is that Michigan won so they advance to play on Saturday.  The bad news is they eliminated Montana – which wasn’t their fault but the result of decisions made by the tournament committee.  Obviously Montana is near and dear to our hearts for multiple reasons – including their nickname which is the Grizzlies.  Bears look like they’d be fun to play with even though Stephen Colbert thinks they are heartless killing machines.  We don’t have any in our neighborhood so we’ll have to visit Missoula (where Grandfather grew up) to see any of these creatures.

Anyhow, after the late night and lengthy hike, we got a chance to catch up on our sleep during our drive to visit Snowy.

Toes and limbs are crossed that the Wolverines continue to win but I am not guaranteeing I’ll be awake for the next game because it is again starting after my bed time.

The Tempest


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