100 F


On the drive home from Michigan yesterday the car told us it was 100oF outside.   I thought the F stood for Fahrenheit but my dad kept using another F word to describe the temperature outside.

Sam and I powered through though:

as the good dogs we are!  No fights or complaining from the back seat – at least not too much.


I even shared the backseat with my bro!

In fact, I even provided him a pillow.

When we got home the heat continued but our backyard is pretty shady thanks to all the tall trees finally popping out their leaves.  By the way, our car also was a bit more shady thanks to mom finding some awesome shades that helped cool down the car for us. Thanks Amazon Tesla people!

Did I mention this was a long weekend thanks to Memorial Day and the fact that my parents took off Friday to drive to Michigan to go to a concert with my aunt D and her bff AlG.   Sam and I were left alone with our g-parents and behaved admirably while our parents were gone.

As I was saying, when we got home, the heat was still on full throttle, but given the extended time off from work my parents did some work around the yard (and put the air conditioning on in the house).  This included mowing the backyard – the front yard has to wait as the mower died, pulling some weeds, but mostly planting annuals in their multiple pots, baskets and troughs.   I decided, through self-motivation and independence, to plant a pot myself.

I certainly hope my toys propagate and I have a bumper crop this fall.  Maybe I’ll try planting the bee in the background in our vegetable garden…if only I can figure out where that is!

The Tempest

3 thoughts on “100 F

  1. your generosity knows no bounds! I see however you are were in the shade and Sammy was not!
    but then a butt pillow makes all the difference! so we know you ‘tried!’
    hope your garden pots turn out lots of pretty little biteless bees! XOXO


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