Tempest and Robin

OK.  So we didn’t make the dynamic duo that Robin did with Batman but that is only because mom called out for me to stop and then dad intervened and pulled me off the little thing fluttering around our backyard.   Come to think of it, if they didn’t do that and I had my way with the nearly flightless bird, we probably wouldn’t be dubbed dynamic duo either but rather The Tempest and her Dessert – given I just finished dinner.

In short, after dad pulled me away from Robin, mom distracted me with Scooby Snacks – which are also a tasty postprandial palate cleanser.  In the meantime, dad scurried around the backyard until he cornered it by where the dryer vent expels its hot air into space.  I knew this, not because I witnessed it live, but I definitely caught the scent trail of that baby bird.

I did however watch from our front window as he walked across the street and released Robin into an area that is relatively dog free – for our neighborhood at least, in which almost every house has one if not two from the canine nation.

Afterwards, when I sniffed out this treachery – which was just a formality as I had already seen it with my very own eyes – I may have pouted a bit at my lost opportunity to become a super hero with my side kick Robin.


Just to show my displeasure with my parent’s actions, I took some time to sit on some of their newly emerging grasses and flowers!


The Tempest (superdog)


2 thoughts on “Tempest and Robin

  1. oh that last picture! how beautiful.
    Sammy laughing. (as I did) and you Tempi… the Jaws of Death … thwarted!
    but yes. you ARE sitting in the ornamental grasses and flowers. and i think you know it.
    but hey. better than letting you eat a little bird dessert.
    I LOVE your beautiful back yard.
    and I hope Sammy’s getting a little cooler air now. XOXO


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