93 and 3

After I wrote this, I said it out loud and it reminded me of “23 and me” – the genetic testers.  I haven’t gotten my cheeks swabbed yet but Sammy and Montana did a few years back with a service called “Wisdom Panel DNA kit for Dogs.”  Interestingly, Montana came out to be a Australian Cattle Dog, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Rottweiler Mix and Sammy was Rottweiler, Tibetan Mastiff, Chinese Shar-Pei, Labrador Retriever Mix.  Mix is right, but Sammy has no Golden or Husky in him?  I have to question these results.

My parents are convinced I am a German shepherd/treeing walker coon hound so they don’t think I need to be tested, but I disagree.  And likely these genetic tests would have me as a ShitSu…unless they’ve improved their database over the last 5 years or so.  Then again, maybe these people aren’t my real parents after all.  Like my father’s friend at work told him after he got his 23 and me test done, he isn’t sending in his kids so he doesn’t have to know they aren’t his.  HAHAHAHA!  He is quite the jokester that friend of dad’s.  On a side note, he found out from the test that he has the gene for male pattern baldness…which was a shock to him since he has no hair anymore.  There was also something about a lack of empathy gene that he apparently has but that result wasn’t so obvious to dad.

Did I get side tracked again.  It may have been while I was mugging dad and giving him wet willies from my perch on the table…as I was transcribing this blog to him.

Back to my original point.  This past week held many eventful milestones…along with many other good stories that the scribe was too distracted to type out.  The first we realized after the fact.   It has now been over 3 years since Sammy had his tie back surgery and near “college” experience.  This is remarkable since most pups barely live 2 years after such an experience.   If you weren’t following Montana’s blog at the time here is a link to that story:


Unfortunately, this has been a rough week for the old guy and he may finally go off to school.  Our neighbor recently graduated from high school and is off to Augustana College in the fall.  Hopefully Sammy can be her classmate there – since they’ve known each other pretty much their whole lives…and it seems she has forgiven Sammy that little incident all those years ago.  The hardest part for all of us is that the old fool still can grin like no other!  Even when getting totally confused and stuck in a mere sliding screen door.


But tonight when I brought him this cool piece of cardboard – which I stole from the box that contained new clothes for my dad – he was cordial but not really interested.


The other milestone, which we celebrated a little early last time we were in Michigan, is the 93rd birthday of my grandfather in Michigan.  I got to play with Snowy a lot on that day (and trip) which was tons of fun.  In fact, we were both off leash for much of the time!  My Michigan family had another party on the actual day of the 93 anniversary of his birth and we tried to call.   Funny thing is, due to technical and familial issues it took about 93 tries before we actually talked to him…HAHAHAHAHA!

Although this may have not come through in this post very well – due, no doubt, to the ineptness of my scribe – family is what you make of it, whether genetic, associational, or adoptive, and it is important and it is probably the most important thing we have as collective of mammals.   So, anyone out there who is a part of MY pack, who is suffering, sad, anxious, or in a state of funk, know we love you!

The Tempest

3 thoughts on “93 and 3

  1. i have the uncomfortable feeling that these last few posts are preparing us.
    and if that’s the case it’s truly kind of you. it’s just that i’ll never be ready. silly.
    but there it is. but if he’s in pain and it has to be… then college it is. i love you all. xo


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