All Good Things…

I heard this phrase once which went on to say “must come to an end.”  What malarkey!  Who came up with this concept and then perpetuated it?!?!?  Let me tell you, I have a few concepts and words for them.  I want all good things to continue forever.  These include steak dinners, walks with my pack, chew toys/treats coming from Amazon…come to think of it all of these things at once all the time would be pretty much heaven on earth.

But, as the flowers in our backyard sprout from the earth (or in some cases arrive with my parents and apparently sprout from the trunk?), grow, blossom, and eventually lose their petals, then their leaves, their stems becoming ever weaker so much so that they have trouble supporting their own weight even when trying to intake sustenance…well not to belabor the analogy but this cruel reality of nature has piece by piece afflicted and taken control of my big brother Sammy.  He is the total trooper and does everything in his power to support our pack and provide us with what we need.  He keeps trying to teach me how to carry his torch, and, well, I guess I have my own twist to this :).  However, the poor guy hobbles through his days – always with a smile on his face – but the light in his eyes ever fading.  In fact, this week he twice had trouble getting up when the pet sitters stopped by for our mid-day visit.  Then Thursday night, with that sloppy ol’ grin on his face, he met my parents at the door when they arrived home from work – with a wake of blood splatters trailing behind him as one of the pads on his feet was worn through.  Did I mention he was a super trooper?

And [what I wish were] years from now when this old light
Isn’t ambling anymore
Will I bring myself to write
“I give my best to [Sammy my Bro]”

Paraphrased from the song

June Hymn

by Colin Meloy

(and The Decemberists*)

*this is a band that my parents recently saw in concert in Ann Arbor with my Aunt D and Uncle A.  What a great Knight they had – starting with dinner at the new Knights restaurant in downtown A2 in which all my aunts were in attendance.  The only downside is I was left behind with Sammy and my Michigan grandparents…which in itself wasn’t so bad…until I found out Knights is a STEAK restaurant!!!!  I think the reason this song came to my mind is that D and A are in my thoughts (and all of those in our pack) while they are down in Austin TX.

So, in order to fully appreciate all he has done for us, all those brave smiles/countless walks, kisses and memories he has provided me and everyone who knows him it is with a sad heart but everlasting gratitude that I will be there tomorrow when, after packing his bags with treats, toys, best wishes for Banshee, Boomer, Hass, and Montana and then steak (of course), with a lasting bite of his favorite broccoli (yuck) my parents help him off to college…Did I mention he got accepted into the greatest school in the universe?

The Tempest

15 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. Kaitlin & Torben…..

    It is with a heavy heart I read about Sammy. He certainly has been a very faithful companion & good teacher and he will continue his teachings.

    He is a lucky pup to have you two.

    Janet David


  2. It is always hard to say goodbye to one of the pack/family. Sammy will be missed by all family members, human and canine.


  3. good bye sammy…you have graced the pages of my computer on many occasions, may you have many fast runs with your other departed friends…and also kind thoughts to those left behind…


    1. Thank you so much for your kind sentiments. He is off and running now – no more discomfort. He went very peacefully. One of the pet sitters who has been with him since he was 12 weeks old came to say goodbye, so he was surrounded by love. As you know better than many, with time we will focus solely on everything we learned from him. He taught us a lot about the good in life.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so sorry.
    Even when you know the time has come, it rips out your heart.
    How blessed everyone was who had the opportunity to know him and love him.
    I only knew him from reading about him here but it was obvious how truly special he was.
    You have my deepest sympathies but there’s great comfort in knowing he’s in school with all the other special one of a kind dogs.
    Again, I’m so sorry.


    1. Oh Cindi. We appreciate your kind words. He is running as he loves to run – we are sure of it – no more discomfort and running with his sisters. Thank you so much – your words bring peace.


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