The Next POTUS

From what I’ve seen on TV (or more precisely the internet projected onto the television via AppleTV) the current President of the United States has gotten himself into a bit of a quagmire.  So I thought it might be time – even though the midterm elections haven’t even taken place – to start campaigning for the next general election for the President of the United States (which will hopefully still be united at that time).


Sammy and Montana (not pictured above) have promised they’ll stop their collegiate studies to provide the nation their leadership if necessary.

Preliminary polls suggest (to Zoe) she might have a leg up on Tempi:


or is that a kiester?

Either way, all contestants for this season of the Apprentice vow that they will not be coerced, prodded, cajoled, bribed, blackmailed, influenced, tricked, or riled by anyone without a steak, pork chop, bone, treats, chicken, salmon, or who is willing to take them for a walk.

IT is now up to you, the readers of this blog, to pick the next POTUS (Puppy Only Treated  with Utmost Superiority).

The Pack

3 thoughts on “The Next POTUS

  1. DITTO Rummy!
    and if that last shot is not a puppy face I don’t know what is!
    you’re in for much mischief. you only thought the princess was busy! LOL!


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