Tempi the Elder and The Ref

I learned a lot from Sammy about what it takes to be the oldest dog in a pack.  For instance, eating much slower than the young one so they get disciplined when they try to encroach on your meal.  Then there is the closely related behavior of when a treat is tossed to you and you miss it you have to continue to look at the treat provider in dismay while the younger dog swoops in and eats it.   Then there is the backyard game of chase where you must stand relatively still, occasionally barking or snarling while the young one runs circles around the yard.  Then there is the tried and true favorite game which can be played in the yard, living room and even the car.  This activity requires two bones/antlers.  Part 1 consists of each dog getting one of these scrumptious items.  Part 2 is when the younger dog takes the prize from the older dog.  Part 3 requires the old dog to pout until the provider of said treat reprimands the younger dog with a statement such as: “you don’t need both of the bones.”  Subsequently one bone is returned to the elder pup for all of about one minute at which point the younger takes back what they believe is rightly theirs. This may be a game that lasts only a single round or could go on for hours – depending on how engaged the referees are in the game.

Since Zoe has shown up, and I’ve officially become Tempi the Elder, I have tried all of these but found them all very trying…and then some!

So in certain cases I’ve shed this role and joined the chase.  And as it turns out, this weekend Snowy was visiting so Zoe and I had a referee!  Maybe in a future post she can give her ground level perspective of her visit to our den.  But until then, in preparation for the new football season which is nearly upon us, here is a sample of her refereeing skills that Zoe put together in her latest film entitled “The Ref:”

I’m back from vacation folks and have lots of stories to tell :)!

The Tempest

3 thoughts on “Tempi the Elder and The Ref

  1. three movie stars! you can all start demanding special treatment now!
    and when I’m elder I just hope I can move like that!!!
    what am I SAYING? I’m elder now! no wonder I’m impressed. LOLOL!
    bring on the next great video!!!


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