Toe Nail Tempi

First BIG road trip with Zoe occurred a week ago or so.  Sure we took a weekend trip to Ann Arbor but that doesn’t even require a hotel stay.  Although Zoe did do some unusual  and unkindly things that trip, those are stories for a later date (spoiler alert: a furry black and white creature with potent anal glads may be a character in that saga).

Today’s story, though, is about our drive to New Mexico to visit my mother’s parents – in Danish that would be mor-mor and mor-far but we prefer calling them Grandmother and Grandfather.  And we love them no matter the name.  We can tell when we are in store for a road trip – well I can tell and I let Zoe know.  First off, there are a lot of trips by our parents in and out of the house.  Many – nay, most – excursions they are burdened with certain items that belong to us pups.  For instance: Zoe’s crate, our big barker beds, treats, dog food, piles and piles of bones, kongs, our regular favorite toys and brand new toys (something about hotel room etiquette), etc.  The more of these items that leave the house, I have determined, significantly correlate to the duration of our adventure/drive.  So, when cases of wet dog food (I was still on my hunger strike) got loaded in the car I was pretty sure the mountains of NM were in our future.   Good Times Ahead dear Zoe-bird!

But before I go on, let me remind you what happened on my first trip with Sammy to NM.  At one point during the first leg of our trip – Sammy and I were of course being perfect angels – our mother turned around to pet the old guy.  While petting him, Sammy smiled his previously perfect, heart warming grin, and in doing so, revealed the absence of one of his lower canines…well, not total absence but definitely not the full set of teeth that he left with.   He was totally nonplussed by the missing top of his tooth – no caterwauling,  no whimpering, in short, no signs that anything was amiss.  In this instance and future tooth shortening incidences, there was no sign of the missing tooth.  Thus Snagletooth Sam had arisen from the ashes – Phoenix like.

Back to the present…or rather recent past.

As you might know, we live in Illinois.  Not too far from one of the busiest airports in the world: ORD (aka O’Hare International).  This is basically in the city of Rosemont, which depending on traffic is either 15 minutes or 3 hours away from our domicile.  So not 20 minutes into this, the first big road trip that Zoidberg and I were embarking on together, we got in one of our big, all-out fights in the backseat of the car.  Something to do with a bone.  It was the only one on our trip, so don’t worry – we were actually really good overall in the car – so I am told.  Anyhoo, Dad was quick to break up our fisticuffs, dragging Zoe into the front seat, but the damage was done.  Tempi the Elder now had an addition to my title: “Toe Nails”.

This loss of a nail and exposure of the quick on this toe freaked my parents out – to say the least.  My Mom first noticed the blood – Mom!  Keep an eye on the road!  I played it cool.  Sure there was a little blood oozing from my toe for the next few days (or more), but I proceeded with the same stoic quality that my big brother had taught me.  Nothing from the backseat folks.  This might have changed when we got to the vet in Los Alamos but that story has a totally different aura so will have be a part of a future (or never told) blog entry.  At this point lets just say I was blamed for this incident due to my toenail sensitivity.

Tempest “Toe-Nail” the Elder

PS – Fortunately, the exposed quick never got infected and I am back to normal – including eating my kibble without being prompted by my parents in any way.  Maybe road trips, despite the inevitable drama(s) that may surface during the expedition, are a powerful uniting force for our pack.  Sure, Zoe still can get under my nails, but I understand now that she is a full fledged member of the pack and therefore not the worst companion for me.

6 thoughts on “Toe Nail Tempi

  1. awww… stoic little Tempi Toe Nail! seeing that and just knowing it must have HURT!!!
    but if it succeeded in cementing your new sibling relationship… maybe it was worth it?
    remember Robin and Little John? well it started with a huge fight! and then they were brothers.

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    1. I think we ended up lucky. Her nail seems okay. They were actually good on the trip. They are long days so an occasional restless moment makes sense. It was strange for us as the last few trips we have had one hyper dog and one elderly gent. We got a lot more steps at our stops with two younger dogs!

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