Animal Intelligence

I recently came across the below story.  I’ve heard a lot about artificial intelligence recently, but you all seemed to have missed the biggest link to higher enlightenment: Animal Intelligence.  Yeah, yeah.   I already hear the naysayers in the audience claiming that people (homo sapiens) are but mere animals when it comes to the kingdoms of biology.  In fact, you are going to say that we (people and dogs) are even more closely related than this, as we are both mammals. Which will get me to my second point: domestication.  But before, I go there, I think this particular piece of journalism – which no doubt some will say is fake news – will demonstrate all of you with the “Big Brains” are missing out on so much of the world (and here I am talking only about the world of mammals), to which maybe you should open your minds – and aspirations?  And if those maple-leaf headed “Uber Smart People” in Toronto had done so earlier, they could have saved millions (that barb is dedicated to you Steve of Montreal):

But there is more to this story, and that is one of domestication…and the fact that I can’t really blame you for missing the obvious right in front of your noses as you have been selectively bred to ignore the multiple scents on the breezes around you (not to mention your connection to your fellow mammals).  As you’ll see in this story, us dogs rock.   Maybe one day you’ll join Generation K9.  But likely, your shrinking brain pan, skull, droppy ear lobes, and other senses have been dulled by your quest for the perfect human (which in fact is an experiment lead by your two closest companions, and what you perceive as mortal combatants – Cats and Dogs) to get the best stewards in the Galaxy.

The Tempest



Will there be another race
To come along and take over for us?
Maybe martians could do
Better than we’ve done
We’ll make great pets!



4 thoughts on “Animal Intelligence

  1. I know I’m not allowed to say those critters are cute – but when you’ve never seen one in the flesh, they sure looks cute caught on camera…I know that roaming dog packs here caused the city councils to adopt rolling bins because plastic bags were easy to rip open. We have 2 bins per household (the garbage bin is mid-size – apparently you can get a smaller or larger one) the recycle bin is a monster…


  2. oh those little foxy faces! so adorable!
    although I didn’t like the cages they were being kept in in Russia. they are too similar to the cages that people use in the U.S. for Puppy Mills. and it’s like any animals they experiment on… their quality of life in the meantime just goes down the toilet. years spent in cages like that with no life really. it’s just sad to me.
    not sure I agree that we need to be meddling in their domestication. like he said they’re not dogs. and dogs are no longer wolves. perhaps man just needs to butt out. he meddles so much in nature. and why?
    I guess because he CAN! and he hasn’t even learned KINDESS for nature or for his own species!
    I’m not smart enough about it all to comment. but I do love their fluffy tails and the way they carry them!


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