Letter to My Dad


This is Zoe, and I am mad.

First of all, at 3:45 this am, you left.  I cried, and what did Mom do?  She brought me to bed where I crashed sideways between your two pillows snoring in bliss.  Then she was so tired she hit snooze upsetting my sleep.  When she finally woke Tempi and me up know what she said?  “Dad is coming back; don’t get used to those pillows.”  ARGHHHHH!

Then she only takes us for a 2+ mile walk.  The nerve.  On our walk she made us sit while this little teddy bear of a thing on a leash lunged at us and growled.  Yep.  Made US sit!  The guy kept making excuses for his dog (only 8 weeks old, really wants to play, etc.).  And then he said the most hurtful thing ever… that we were good dogs!  Nah uh we are not!  And you know what?  Mom just smiled and said “Thank you.  They are very food motivated, which helps.”  WE ARE NOT GOOD, I promise Dad, we are not.

We had breakfast and we didn’t even get steak.

This was all only 3 hours after you left.  And it gets much worse.

I had to wear my special collar.

We had to go in our crate while Mom went to work and the people were here.  Know what?  I was so tired I didn’t even bark or notice when she came home until she called me.  What??  Who does that to a dog?  And they were drilling some more and I missed it??

Then we had to go on another walk, but Mom was on a teleconference so we had to behave AGAIN!

Then I had to share the couch with my sister.

Then after the people left Mom let us out back and the guy walked in the back yard unbeknownst to Mom who thought he was gone.  Tempi was giving her special tail wag and walking through his legs while I was giving my patented Zoe hug and kisses.  We were so happy to finally get to say hi in person to our new friend!  And you know what?  Mom told us to stop and to let the guy go home :(.  The nerve.

I bet she won’t even feed us.  And if she does it won’t be steak.

Missing you lots!  It is hard being a dog here, Dad.

P.S.  This is Tempi.  I keep telling her no one cares about her problems, but I agreed to post in the off chance it would make her leave me alone.



5 thoughts on “Letter to My Dad

  1. I’ve a got a friend in NZ who looks after “our Gentleman friend” – who is always have conversations on f/b about the state of play at his “holiday respite care place” – today he is bemoaning the fact there are no sundry dog snacks anywhere to be found – and those “darn cats” are back again…just “cleared the territory a few weeks ago as well” – his real minders must be off for Labour w/end which starts today (friday) and ends late Monday….lots of people leave their homes and wander off to other destinations…many Aucklanders leave, but also people make Auckland their destination…

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  2. well little Zo Zo… you know what they say. you don’t? LOL. neither do I . but I do know that girls have a way of wrapping dads around their little paws. in the meantime… think about the fact that Mom let you sleep in the bed where he sleeps! and on the pillow you’re not supposed to get used to! LOL.
    sounds like you and Tempi both are being amazingly good (uh sorry! guess you’d rather be difficult?) girls!

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    1. Tempi in particular is really being good. Zoe is a bit fussy, barky right now. The poor thing is trying to get used to her new family and things keep changing on her. She is a good girl overall, and can be quite sweet.


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