We Made the Club!

We were on our morning walk today when Mrs. A (of Mrs. A and Mr. E who are owned by our friend Chance…not Chase which I wrote in a previous blog but which my editor missed) gave Mom an appropriately physical distanced virtual high five and said “Welcome to the Club!”  I couldn’t figure out what my Mom had done, unless there is some club for people who Zoom constantly, and then Chance clued me in that it was me and not Mom at all (maybe really Zoe, but she does what I tell her to do except those times when she doesn’t and we end up in a fight).

Let me first take a step back and explain something about this place we now call home.  I think I told you about our town blog (The City in the Woods), but I don’t think I told you about our town rag, the Carlisle Mosquito.  Which as an aside, really helped to explain a note left by the previous owners that they would buy fire wood from the Mosquito ad – which originally left us scratching our heads thinking there was no way for mosquitoes to deliver wood…them being real tiny and not something you would invite over to your house intentionally.  Mom had been trying to figure out what ad for mosquito treatments mentioned firewood but now that we know it is a newspaper – everything makes much more sense.  Anyway, it was clear from all of the numerous recommendations from neighbors as well as the previous owners that my parents needed a subscription.  The reason for all this excitement?  Every two weeks the Mosquito is printed – after a short COVID-19 hiatus – with a day-by-day rendition of the activity of the local police and fire departments.  My parents never liked Police Blotters before as they were always about someone getting hurt.  Not this one people!  We get highlights like:

  • 7:18 am.  Multiple officers and a passerby helped to return wayward sheep to their pen on Bedford Road.  The owner was notified.


  • 8:26 pm.  A biking family of 5 was escorted home from Kimball’s farm to N.F. Rd by the police when it got dark sooner than they expected.  Btw, Kimball’s is where we got that awesome ice cream, and the family lives right behind us!  Our neighborhood was famous!

But my Mom’s favorite so far was when every day for two weeks the following was mentioned:

  • 7:15 am.  Police were informed a rooster on Autumn lane was crowing.  Police investigated and confirmed the rooster was crowing.

Ba ha ha!  I love this place.  So, clearly, it was time for us to be featured!  And so it happened that one day a car drove in our driveway (we have a rule that we never bark at police cars) and we didn’t warn Dad.  Mom was on a Zoom call.  Dad was surprised to see someone at the front door, and an unmarked car in the driveway, and went out to speak with the man who said he wanted to come inside to meet the dogs.  We were angels, I tell you, so well behaved and gave the man kisses and didn’t bark once.  It turns out this guy was the Dog Officer and there had been complaints about us barking from a Mr. W.  Luckily I am so smart and knew he was a kinda police dude even if his car didn’t show it (maybe the smell of cruellers?), and well, did you see us bark mister?  Heck no!  My parents were surprised it took so long for Mr. W to call as they were warned Day 1 from Mr. E and Chance that this would happen.  They were also warned shortly thereafter from another neighbor who is owned by another one of our friends Mickey – who I don’t think we’ve mentioned before.  Because it was the Dog Officer who stopped by, my parents weren’t sure if they would make the Police Blotter until the first congratulatory text from neighbor K (of K, A, W and their two dogs who we haven’t become friends with yet on account of some disagreements between Zoe and I about if we liked them or not):

Our Entry in The Mosquito

Dad bragged that we made it in the blotter and hadn’t even been here 6 months, but K burst his bubble when she said they made it in before they even moved here.  They are awesome, although since we haven’t decided if they are our friends or not we do maybe bark at their dogs Lucas and Lucky when they walk by.  We love their daughter W.  Anyhoo, I guess they were preparing to move here and were driving through the neighborhood checking it out and someone called the cops on them as suspicious.  Once they explained to the officer the situation they couldn’t get the cop to stop talking about how awesome Carlisle was, how great our neighborhood is, how he got there in under 6 minutes, how he wished he could live in our neighborhood, etc.

When Mickey’s parents heard about the complaint (and subsequent write up in The Mosquito) they a) said they were surprised it has taken so long for the W’s to call the cops on us, and b) we have been much better with barking since Mike the K-9 trainer dude stopped by (a story for another day), and c) they were waiting for their first visit from the cops courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. W.  I guess once Mr. W stole their kid’s scooters, so he really is not very popular around here.

Neighbor N, the house down the road, told Dad our dogs are not annoying, unlike the moron kids in the house behind him (the kids of the family who had the police escort back from ice cream).

Then the virtual appreciation this morning from Mrs. A and Mr. E was just the best.  I guess one time when the cops were called, a neighbor saw the officer coming and gave them a heads up.  Mr. E took Chance in the basement and told him to be quiet while Mrs. A explained to the officer that they were having a disagreement with the neighbors Mr. and Mrs. W.  Essentially, the W’s don’t think dogs should exist and Mrs. A & Mr. E love Chance.  Suddenly the officer said “wait – I don’t hear a barking dog?”  ha ha ha.  I guess the W’s used to honk their horn at Chance the way they now honk at Zoe.  One time the local cops had an open house where you could get your dog tested on their behaviors.  Mrs. A took Chance, and Chance was a pro.  He got a trophy at the end saying that he was a wonder dog, and after receiving the trophy Mrs. A said to the all the cops “you do realize this is the terror of L.R. Road, don’t you?”  ha ha ha.  We wonder if this is why it took so long for the Dog Officer to stop by.  The complaint was on a Sunday, and he didn’t stop by until Wednesday…  I guess the W’s have a bit of a reputation. 

And now we do too.

Stay healthy, sane, and safe people.

The Tempest

Court artist rendering of Zoe’s mug shot (apparently they couldn’t afford a good artist – being a small town in the woods and all):

10 thoughts on “We Made the Club!

  1. I think instead of barking you should take up howling! really give’em something to write about. and it’s Halloween next month… plenty of time to practice!
    and … your scary faces are REALLY scary! xo
    and I like little Wally.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never met you before that I came here from the cheerful monk where I’m at your dogs on her post today and I had to come and see what was going on this was most interesting and entertaining and I loved every word. Give your two dogs a hug from me


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