Bloody Mess

Not long ago my parents noticed that one of Sammy’s toenails on his back paw (the one he is always tapping and not putting pressure on) was growing off on an angle and jabbing his adjoining toe.   Since trimming this nail, he has been a little less gimpy but this mutant nail seems to grow faster than I can get into trouble.  Anyhow, this has led my parents to routinely check that nail and if warranted, get the clippers out and reduce its length.  This occurred last night but this time Dad decided to get a couple of his (Sammy’s) other nails.  This is important since: 1) he walks so slowly (and naps so much) that his nails don’t get naturally worn down like a dog like me who is so active, and 2) he has pretty much given up on grooming and hygiene so he doesn’t even take the time – or is no longer flexible enough – to chew his nails like I do.  As I was saying, last night Dad clipped his mutant nail and a few others that he deemed too long.  Unfortunately, he too is getting long in the tooth and his vision – especially in low light – is not what it once was so instead of just trimming the nail he got into the quick which obviously led to Sammy springing a leak.  Instead of staying on his bed while Dad retrieved the Styptic powder, he made his way through the living room, past the kitchen and into our dog room.   This created quite the bloody mess.  Sorry there are no photos of this to share but I found myself a bit queasy and everyone else was too busy tending to the situation. Mom and I took care off while Dad stopped Sammy’s bleeding.

All good.


Well it was from everyone else’s perspective until Sammy demanded his evening walk. From my point of view, it reinforced my opinion that nail trimming is nothing but bad news! Apparently, since he drags his feet…literally…he knocked off the scab/Styptic clot which resulted in yet more bleeding, more powder, and more mopping up of the blood droplets scattered throughout the house.   Boy, I certainly hope CSI doesn’t spray that luminol stuff in our house any time soon or they’ll certainly conclude that a massacre on the order of the Alamo had recently taken place in our abode!

By the time we went to bed an hour or so later he was no worse for wear:


As a matter of full disclosure, Sammy’s blood on the floor was not the only mess that could be found in our house on this evening…and before I continue with this side of the story, let me give my Scribe a big thanks for diverting the evenings’ focus from “the iPad incidence” to the “bad trimming assault on Sam”.

Before I start the second part of this entry let me say in my defense:

1) It has been well established that nothing is safe on the desk.

2) I love leather.

3) My blog has been ignored for quite some time.

4) Sam and I were not invited to the frozen four despite the fact we had the best game faces EVER while we were wearing our sweaters.

5) My actions resulted in Dad getting a new iPad Pro for only $49!  That is better than those websites, that advertise on TV, which claims you can get really cool stuff for bargain basement prices…just saying.

6) Who wraps an iPad in leather anyhow?

I guess the items I presented in my defense pretty much spell out what happened.  Dad left his iPad (enshrouded in a leather case) on the desk within reach of my arms.   Did I mention I love leather?  Well I do, and although I was most interested in the covering of the iPad, I also wanted to work on a blog entry about my last visit with Snowy.  Unfortunately, my toeprint was not sufficient to unlock the darn device and when I tried my teeth it sort of shattered.  Did I mention we were not allowed to go to Minnesota?

Like Sammy, I was not adversely affected by the whole evening of drama and am back to my old antics today – like carrying in fencing from the back yard – with Sammy at my back.

The Tempest

OOPS – this was supposed to be sent out last night but for some reason it didn’t post – which is fortunate because I forgot to mention that if there are more errors in grammar, logic or spelling in this post it is because my editor is out of town for a few days.

Best – Tempi

BTW – I am now well armed with this silver knife in case Dad comes at me with those nail clippers!