Under the Weather

So once again so many stories are piling up and my scribe has been nowhere to be seen – in absentia.

Apparently the reason he stayed home recently from work was that he was “under the weather” … whatever that means.  Not sure why such a condition would prevent him from taking the time to put my thoughts and adventures into the blogosphere but he works in mysterious ways.

And to be honest with you, if you watch this short video clip it sure as heck looks like it was ME that was under the weather and I never took a day off…just saying:

One final point I would like to make if you don’t mind.   I think these pictures shows that he was just fine…

…maybe a bit under the dog but that surely is a good thing and I would have thought that it would have inspired him to help me out!

The Tempest

-hopefully I’ll be back soon with some of those stories.


My time with Sammy up in the mountains of New Mexico taught me that we deal with similar stimuli in completely different manners…but in the end we are still pals.  Interesting.  We seem to celebrate one another’s differences rather than making an issue of it…well we still tussle now and again but in the end we make an awesome team.

I might not have appreciated this fully until my parents showed me some videos of Luna – a dog they met while in Florida over the New Years.  She chased her ball in much the same manner as I would have but she was in a strange substance that I have not yet seen.  In a weird way, it was much like the snow we have at home and that we ran around in while in New Mexico.  This is all exemplified in the following video:

Although Luna and I are shown in different environments – maybe we are even from totally different places on this planet – I can see that we will likely be great friends if we were ever to meet…much like Sammy and I have become best of friends!

Peace to all,



Girls just wanna have fun…

Something about the mountain air in New Mexico just inspired me in a way that was eerily familiar but never before experienced myself.

Then it dawned on me: I had seen Montana doing some of these moves when I was reading all her old blogs in preparation for taking over for her.

For those who may not have seen it before here is the link:

As you may have noticed, both of us are able to rotate in either direction when chasing tails and we enjoy a good tromp through the snow in the mountains and when things get a bit out of control we love taking a time out in the house by the fire…although that last part wasn’t actually in the video but trust me – it’s true.

Wait!  You don’t have to trust me – we have PICTURES!

Oh yeah!  And I also like digging in the snow in the mountains:


Although we are different dogs in a lot of ways we have a lot of similarities.  Maybe that is why our parents love us both so much.


Return to Sender

Birthday card: $2.25

Stamp: $0.41

Check inside: $50

The sentiments written within: Endearing and lasting

Sammy and Tempi bonding: Priceless

At least that is how my dad felt after retrieving said card from the backyard and hearing from mom how the two of us worked together to shred the thing.  Seems like our long drive to and from New Mexico has brought us closer together.  I just hope our grandmother and grandfather aren’t too mad at us for invalidating their check and destroying the card they sent.   Luckily, dad had already read what they had written and it made his day.

Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of the two of us in action as our parents were in the middle of getting ready for work.  However, here is a picture of our handiwork:


Incidentally (and in fairness to myself),  I did leave them a warning last night that if they left all those papers (including the card) on the counter within my ever growing reach, they might be sorry.



The Tempest

-Got lots of good stories to tell you about our great trip out west.  Who would have thunk that I could behave for that long of a drive?!?!