Taking Matters into My Own Paws

So, needless to say, my scribe has been very non-communicative this autumn.  Despite the many stories I have accumulated to convey to everyone, my Dad has not been paying any attention to me…well, aside from the walks each morning and evening and when he gives me my morning pets and moving aside so I have room on the bed at night.  My point is, he has not helped me with my blog – as you may have noticed.  He claims he is far too busy with his other activities but as far as I can tell he just sits on the couch or sleeps in every morning.   But I am not here to critique him but just take some ownership of my own activities.  While he is distracted with The Great British Bake Off I decided to write my own blog.


This turned out much more difficult than I had anticipated…especially without those dang opposable thumbs.  But I buttoned down, put on some glasses and focused on the next steps:


But it is so tiring doing all this work without any treats to keep my energy up so eventually I may have nodded off:


Oh well.  Maybe soon I’ll warrant some more of my Dad’s attention and I’ll be more communicative in the future.



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