Loss of Wisdom

I’m no linguist, especially not in that language you people speak since most of what you say is either nonsense or completely not necessary.  For instance, what is so wise about having teeth in your mouth that you don’t even really use or in some cases don’t even break through the skin?   Us dogs use all our teeth – and I must say really pretty effectively.

Another problem I have with these so called wisdom teeth is why you people trust such a valuable commodity as your wisdom, your deep rooted intelligence, to a small bone at the back of your mouth that can easily fall out.  Even worse, what happened to my scribe last week could happen to you.  The wisdom could get pulled by a dentist.

I must say those wacky decisions you all make is entirely up to you folks but what I don’t like is when my Dad gets home and his mouth smells like blood.  This is very distressing to us dogs who like to heal wounds with licking…much too hard to get a tongue in there to fix it.


Finally, it came to my attention that you all have the possibility for four of these wisdom teeth.  Now I am also no mathematician but by my calculations that is a loss of 25% of his wisdom…which is unfortunate since he didn’t have much wisdom to begin with.  All I hope is that he still has enough brain power to still take me for walks and give me steaks!


Hostage Situation

So, the whole taking it into my own paws idea really didn’t pan out the way I had hoped for…far too tiring especially for someone without opposable thumbs.  I therefore thought maybe taking a hostage would get my scribes attention…and with Sammy as back-up I was certain this plan was fail proof.  While dad was in the shower this morning I broke into his sock drawer and took possession of one of his favorite socks!  FOOL PROOF!


Mom was the first to notice my handiwork.


Dad was none too happy but as it turns out it didn’t take him long to retrieve his garment.  Apparently my back-up did not have my back…sleeping in the sun while on an assignment?  Well, who can really blame him…it is November after all and who knows when we’ll see the sun again.


Guess next time I try taking a hostage I better brush up on my negotiating skills…and work with more reliable support staff.