Good Help is Hard to Find

Good stories keep piling up.

Titles picked out.

Pictures taken.

I have even composed some good lines in my head as I am either falling asleep or waking up.

Sammy and I have even devised some plans for future adventures.

But alas, my scribe sits idle.  Ears closed to my pleas.  Mind shut off like an electric car during the Trump administration. Hehehe.  Probably could use a better metaphor here.

So what is a girl to do?

For starters, I found the computer on the table and thought I could quickly punch out a blog or two but realized I was never told the password to unlock the dang thing.  Argh!


I then thought maybe I could hand write a letter to one of my grandparents or aunts and they could submit a blog on my behalf.  So I got out a Sharpie but had a heck of a time getting a good grip on it and then the blasted thing broke.


I then had the brilliant idea of how I might be able to properly manipulate a writing device.  See I have noticed that you people have this weird digit on your hands that gives you more flexibility in using these instruments (obviously you designed them with your quirky biology in mind).   The thumb.  So how does a dog get access to her own thumb…GLOVES!


However, by the time I found one and got it on, my parents intervened and took back their glove (apparently, this glove was a gift from someone they work for and Dad was all excited by it since it has dog footprints on the wrist – and he seemed to think I was going to eat it rather than use it to compose my aforementioned letters).  Not sure why… I only seem to have gastro issues (aka poop foreign matter) 1-2 times a week now, rather than daily!  Give me some credit, people.

I even tried pinning back my ears in an effort as a show of my determination in the hopes that would get him motivated…


…but this just caused him to chuckle to himself while he continued to remain sitting on the couch.  And before I knew it I had fallen asleep.  Arrrrgh!  I mean really argh!

In the meantime, it started snowing again so it is beautiful outside and Sammy and I have a lot of fun playing in our backyard or just sitting on the back porch and watching the snow flutter to the ground.


The Tempest

PS- Shhh.  I have a new plan to get the old guy to help me out.  Duct tape!  I figure if I get him taped to a chair with the computer in front of him, I’ll be able to hold him captive until he listens (and transcribes) my adventures!

-may need to find those gloves again or get Sammy to help out since this tape thing is hard to manage with just my teeth :).