The Fashionista: Tempest Style

So… have you ever known someone with NO fashion sense?  If not, let me introduce you to my Dad – aka the scribe – and the shoes he considers/ed his “good” work shoes:

At best, these are like 10 years old!

So, The Tempest took matters into her own teeth.  I could see that with a few modifications he could maybe look like someone inhabiting the current trends.  After all, everyone knows that the open heel look is so in vogue.  So while my parents were off at work (Dad wearing his “dress” sneakers) I went to work to update his shoes to meet the”?=]\):

Now, if I am to be fully honest, I have to give Sambuca a bit of credit… and the weather.  See, yesterday it was quite stormy so we were inside most of the evening.  That on top of the ‘Bu having puked up a bunch of his lunch in the afternoon and not being interested in his dinner – which resulted in him having virtually no leg strength and getting my parents all worked up and staying up totally late worrying about his failing health – I had a bunch of built up psychic energy that was subsequently directed to my fashion inspiration!

Luckily, after some treats last night and a full breakfast and dinner today, Sammy is back to his old self and as a happy consequence my father is now in 2017 fashion!

The Tempest

PS – Hope I don’t end up puking up that tasty leather that was a part of his shoe.

PPS – RIP Mr. Petty

IMG_0031 2

Ouch! That Stings!

I gotta tell you right off the bat that this weekend was a painful one.  You may be thinking it has to do with that pitiful football game my parents attended in Michigan – which did leave a pretty nasty scar on their psyche – but nothing like the last time Sparty came to town…but we won’t get into that today.

The real problem occurred after we returned home.

But before then, I had a grand time on the drive home.  I can’t tell you how many people smile and waved at me while they were on a walk after we got off the “freeway”…even when I was barking at their dogs.  See, once we get onto the side streets, the magic roof opens up and lets me look out and get great sniffs.  I’ll have to show you some of the movies and live photos that were taken of me on these occasions but for now I’ll just leave you with a couple of pictures.

And once home, I was enjoying our time in the backyard.

Here I am sitting on my chair watching an episode of Vera (apparently we weren’t interested in more football on Sunday).IMG_4983 2

Then, during a lull in the action, i took a moment to smell the roses…or rather the citrus tree flowers.


When all of a sudden one of these guys somehow ended up in my mouth!


Then I felt this strange sensation course through my lip and mouth.  I flung my head around a bit and I immediately started getting my paws involved – rubbing my face.  That little flying devil had stung me!!!  Recently on a walk Dad went through a similar response – and although concerned for his sanity – I did not understand the cause of his freak out.  Now I realize that I better bite first and taste/sniff later.

The Tempest

P.S.  Lest you think I was ignored, my Parent’s were very concerned.  My Mom got a handful of ice and Dad brought me to her and I rubbed my face in it.  OOOooo so much better!  They read everything about possible reactions to watch me and I am just fine.  Not sure I will avoid those beasts in the future, but they hope I do!