Taking Matters into My Own Paws

So the other night I took matters into my own hands…so to speak.  My scribe has been more or less absent and not attentive to my dictations…in other words, despite all my adventures and stories I wanted to share nothing has been posted for quite some time.  Dad claims to be too busy to attend to my needs but as far as I can tell he is just sitting on the couch watching The Great British Bake Off – well aside from when he goes off during the day (supposedly to “work”), when he takes me and Sammy for walks, and when he gives me pets – both before work and when I am crowding him out of the bed.

Anyhow, I decided it can’t be all that hard and maybe I can do it myself so I first got out the computer and buckled down for some hard work…


I then remembered that my scribe often put on his glasses so I figured that might help me out so I donned the specs and continued my work…


But as it turns out, this work was much more tiring than I realized and before I knew it I had nodded off…



Lost thoughts

The other day I thought I posted some of my recent thoughts but apparently hitting the publish button was not enough to get my ideas out there.  Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll try to replicate my ideas but I just wanted to complain for a minute since I really thought I nailed it last time…of course it may have been me nodding off at the end there which may have caused my problem.