No Excuses

I have been told that as a matter of self-discipline no excuses should be my mantra…and I have taken this to heart except as it pertains to my blog.  As you may appreciate, I am sort of incapacitated by the lack of opposable thumbs (and to be honest, which I am told is also a virtue, a complete lack of understanding of keyboards in general).   So I am at the mercy of my scribe who does not hold himself to the same level of personal dedication or follow through.  So the result is that although many interesting things have happened to me over the past few weeks (or month…tracking time is not my strong suit) I have not been able to capture my Father’s attention.  He says it has to do with work being crazy but it seems awful conspicuous that my drop-off in blog entries corresponded to our weekly trips to Ann Arbor to visit my grandparents.   Strangely, my parents tend to disappear for 4-5 hours on Saturday afternoons during these visits, which match the time Pa watches the Michigan football games on TV.  I think my Dad may be getting distracted by the college football season…but this is the first time we passed through this time of year since I have been doing my blog so who am I to judge.

Anyhow, I will try harder to get him involved in capturing my significant observations and adventures a little more frequently than we have lately.  My guess is that as the last days of warm weather fade away into the coldness of winter he will focus more on transcribing my stories that I relate to him.  Or, my lingering perfume from Pepe-Le-Pew last weekend might continue to remind him of a story or two…

Before I sign out for tonight I will say that Sammy is still doing excellent after his surgery and share a couple of pics of us on our road trips between Michigan and Illinois.


-it may look like I am not interested in these road trips from these pics (me snoozing and all) but what can be better than hanging with my pack as we travel across the highways.  And by the way, my parents often nap on the floor when they get back from the games which they seem to enjoy so sleeping isn’t always a sign of boredom…just saying.

IMG_4565 IMG_4570  IMG_4561

IMG_4573 IMG_4613

And on the road today we did see this insightful individual…