(oh, what a night)

Let me tell you something.  Last night was quite a night around our house!  No holiday.  No visitors.  No fireworks – at least literally.  Just a good old time.

Strangest thing was everything started normally.  Mom was working on making diner while Dad fed us and then kept me from eating Sammy’s dinner – even though I get a lot more water added to my kibble I seem to finish well before him which makes me think he must have gotten more food which therefore means I should help him clean up his bowl.  We may need to dig up a contraption they used on Mo-Tor when she was like this.  ANYWHO…  I am not allowed to clean Sammy’s bowl as that guy keeps getting in my way.  Case in point, tonight I finally was able to out trick him and get to Sammy’s bowl but the blasted thing was empty! Anyhow (I learned from Mo-Tor writing that getting distracted is a key element in telling a good story – especially if food is involved), things got a bit weird when Mom put a glass of red wine in front of Dad.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drink red wine before.  I figured it may have to do with the impending change of seasons but pretty much just ignored the whole thing and settled down to wait for any orts that might come my way…boy was I setting the bar low!   Sammy taught me how to do this but he had already taken up his station to my Dad’s right.

This is when things got interesting.  Mom brought out the food and returned to the kitchen to get things out of our reach –  an optional toping or other for the chicken that she was not sure he would like.  Rather than just adding this to his chicken like Mom suggested, he opted for knocking the red wine glass over onto the table thus breaking the glass and spilling not only wine onto Sammy but also shards of glass.  This started a flurry of activity which included:

  1. Dad cursing and checking on Sammy to make sure the glass shards didn’t hurt him.
  2. Sammy charging out of the dining room and into the living room where  he promptly shook off the majority of the wine on his back across the TV, chair and walls… and kept going and shaking!  Boy was that a sight to see!
  3. Dad picking up shards of glass while Mom worked to get Sammy cleaned up and ensure no glass was in his paws and tried to prevent peramanet staining of fur (the pet sitters did NOT like the Dr. Pepper stains Sammy had on his face when young) – this was interestingly hard as I LOVE TO ATTACK TOWELS
  4. While Dad frantically tried to pick up the glass,which is amazingly hard as I LOVE TO HELP
  5. and Mom soaked the place mats, which was easy, as she locked me out of the bathroom,
  6. and they both tried to mop up the wine and wipe down all the walls and baseboards.  Which got a lot easier due to…

Interestingly, during this time, although the plates were pushed toward the center of the table during the first phase of the cleaning up, the table was left unattended.  Somehow, the chicken on my mom’s plate ended up on the floor.  And then into my tummy.  Boy was that good! Too bad Sammy was too busy getting mopped up :).

Like I said, Oh What a Night!


Sammy here with a little perspective on this story.  Yeah she got the chicken but she didn’t tell you about the 2 AM rude awakening that my parents had when she had a little digestive issue.  Luckily, Mom heard her distress and helped her get outside in time!  Secondly, as you might have noticed there was a lack of photographs of this occasion which indicates the extreme distress that my parents were immersed in and therefore, a not cool move on my sister’s part stealing the chicken and all.  I would never do something so rude!


Tempi here:  I feel I am entitled to a rubutal.  I would never get up on the table and steal anything – I am way too much a princess.  Just look at me this weekend on my pillows (which by the way is on the ground)!

Sammy here again:  Enough said?

TEMPI:  Hey, I just learned from the best!


To Each Their Own

A while back, Montana had a conversation with Sammy about how she and he chewed on things (toys) differently: Sammy being the Crusher, Montana the Shredder.  He thought for sure that she had blogged about it but I haven’t been able to find it when reading up on what she had written.  I am trying to find my own voice but since I am new to this I may end up taking on her voice on occasion – not that I am trying to be a copy-dog, but I did like the way she told her stories (plus The Scribe tends to “hear/interpret” things in a certain way which makes him not the best stenographer).

This is why Sambuca is called the Crusher:

Well actually, it has more to do with the fact that he would crush any toy or treat.

While Montana was good at shredding, as you may remember.  If you do not, here are some photos of what she could do:

OK.  The first one wasn’t really her work but it is something she would have loved to be involved with.

I am kind of a hybrid between the two.  I guess that would make me a Shusher…well that doesn’t work since one thing I am not is quiet or encouraging of a tranquil environment.  So I guess that leaves me as the Credder…but that sounds too much like Cheddar which is a cheese which for some reason was a nickname for my other sister Banshee “the Cheese-Wiz”.

So it seems to me that we have to find some other term (nickname for me) for the way I deal with the stuffed toys that seem to be everywhere around here (which is another reason I love this place).

I am picking: “The Maimer.”  I should add that my sister Montana left a lot of good toys buried around this place.  Check out the photo below on the right – Mom thought that the gross (really?  gross?) chicken had been thrown out, but no… Montana saved it for Me!  The Tempi!

I chose the name The Maimer as I love ripping off the limbs of my toys…and then eating them.  Unfortunately this causes me to have an upset stomach and then I puke 1/2 a cow or a racoon tail on my parent’s bed.  They said that was better than getting really sick so I guess I’ll just keep puking!  Except the latest truck load of goodies from the pet store have none of the soft toys that I can eat…  only hard bones for me to chew, and kongs, and kong balls.  Hmmmm…..

In case you are wondering, Sam and I are getting along wonderfully (with only an occasional “conversation” about stuff).


We are working on our synchronization for the next Olympics.

The Tempest

For the full version of The Crusher cartoon:

the olympic spirit

I don’t think I have anything more to say than what is in this video…check out my moves!  Well, except, nice job Rio on another great Olympic games where the world (except perhaps Lochte and co) came together for some great competitions and supreme sportsmanship!

From the De Kalb Illinois original,


Some of my Firsts…By Tempi

Sammy encouraged me to share some of my “Firsts” during week one with my new pack.

My first time meeting Mom:


My first ride to the pet store:


My first bone on the couch:


My first puddle on a walk:


My first pee on a walk:

My first ride in the new car:


My first walk in the forest preserves:

…oh yeah, and my first visit to the Des Plaines River.

My first car ride home from the preserve:


My first Mardi Gras beads:


My first t-shirt!

My first visit with my extended pack:

Two of my Aunt’s came to visit this weekend with their husbands!  Pretty cool to know more of my new family and apparently we get to meet more in a couple weekends when we go to Michigan.  It may be a while longer before we meet my grandparents from New Mexico.  In the meantime, I am just happy to hang out in the backyard (and surf the net) with everyone this weekend.


I guess that is about it for now.  I guess I should read some of Montana’s old blogs (and Sammy’s more recent postings) so that I can  maybe be a bit more expressive in the future.


P.S.  (this is the name my parents keep calling me – it is really like Mon, ah, Tempi – even though I am pretty sure my name is just Tempi!)

P.P.S.  Me working on my first blog:


P.P.P.S.  Me waiting for The Scribe to finish processing the blog:


Weathering the Storm

Did I mention the new girl is trouble?  She has some tendencies similar to my previous sister in how she runs around the backyard, but she is less self-sufficient in entertaining herself.  As you can see from the following video clip she tries to engage me more than trying to catch her own tail.

In case you forgot – or never saw – this is how Mo-Tor worked the yard:

Notice my expression.  If it is not obvious, I am saying: “What the *&%$?  Really?  Again?”

And if you don’t think that is enough evidence, check out these clips.  Particular the first one where she dares raises a paw at me…twice!  I have no idea what those last few images is trying to prove.   Suffice it to say the girl is trouble and has NO respect for the plants or flowers in our yard.

Fear not though my friends.   As shown in this pic from our pet sitter, we are starting to bone…I mean bond.

Although Tempi isn’t all that interested in going back to her crate.



Couch Potatoes

Today we got this picture from our friends in North Carolina.  The pack was watching the Olympics and hanging out on the couch.


They are obviously dressed for USA success!

It got me thinking back to some of the good times I had watching sports with Montana.  For instance, this year we got some real special hats that my Auntie K made for us.  As you can see from these pics we were all set for a good time and an exciting horse race (who doesn’t like the Derby?) on the Friday night before the event.

Although this hat was awesome, we asked for some other options just in case someone else was wearing the same hat at the party – nothing more embarrassing than showing up and seeing someone in the same outfit.

Fortunately, Sunday afternoon we got some new hats made that were even more special than the ones we tried on Friday night.


Unfortunately for us, the race was Saturday afternoon while we were all napping.  Luckily in this era of the internet and youtube we were able to stream the race on our TV while we were still in our stylish hats and Montana had on her pink neck-wear!

This wasn’t the only time I enjoyed watching sports with Mo-Tor and I must admit that I miss the little girl. Sometimes we would watch games on the couch in the living room too but other times we’d watch them outside on our patio.  Montana was usually with her favorite ‘M’ blanket.  It comforts me to know she is still with that old rag.


The new one is OK and all but I must admit that I haven’t fully really bonded with her the way I had with Montana or my twin Banshee.  Maybe our first car ride to Michigan and watching a Michigan football game with my Ann Arbor grandparents and Tempi (while my parents are at the game – without us) will be the experience(s) that create those connections between us.  It did take a little while with Montana, and it has only been a day or so with Tempi, and she is okay…

Until then, I just have to keep working on training Tempi and remembering the good times with Montana.


RIP – my dear friend


Basic Training

One thing I learned from Mo-Tor during her blog career is that it is a good idea to list things in numeric order.  So here is my attempt:

  1. I did not actually vote for Tempest.  I was pretty much nonplussed by both girls.
  2. When she showed up at our house I was a bit surprised since I didn’t recall giving my full approval.
  3. Before coming into the house we took a walk together.  She did OK for a youngster.
  4. She may be a year old but she still needs some training.  Luckily, I am pretty skilled at reprimanding her when she doesn’t understand the house rules.
  5. I forgot how much work I had put into Montana to mold her into the perfect sister
    1. (editorial note: Tempest is great in the car but Sam has not yet been given the chance to teach her to bark at bikers, motorcycles, joggers, other dogs…)
  6. Although “house-trained” she continues to pee in the house – so declasse.
  7. She totally freaked out last night when asked to go into a crate.  Who doesn’t love a crate?  It is the dog den of dog dens!  Well, at least she is trainable since today she did fine with hanging out in one while my parents ran some errands.
    1. (editorial note 2: after a panic attack or two in which Tempest peed on our bed, we decided the fight wasn’t worth it and let her spend the night on the bed – after changing the sheets – and she slept the through the night until Sammy woke up the household around 7 am!)
  8. She is kind of amazing at finding all the toys in our yard and house that Mo-Tor had hidden.  She is also not bad about re-hiding them.
  9. She is a climber (video to come) and also loves walking on the seat-wall just like Mo-Tor
  10. Overall, although I do not recall voting for her, she actually isn’t all that bad.  She is willing to take over barking at noises in the yard, so seems trainable.

I’ll catch you up on her first weekend with us soon. It is amazing how many of the “firsts” that we experienced with her and I realized that it reminded me of all the “firsts” my sister Banshee and I had, and of course all of them with Montana.  They are all different of course but recalling them both warms my heart and causes a tear to form in my eyes.  Guess that is life.

Finally, as I think back on our great times with Montana and look forward to life with Tempi, I promise to spend some of my blogs to be retrospectives of the past 5+ years with Mo-Tor.


Figure 1:  Getting ready for a walk with Dad when I notice Mom with Her.


Figure 2: Our first walk.

Figure 3: Example of my skill at “teaching” newbies.  Similar skills demonstrated with Tempi.


Figure 4: “Hiding” her toys – who would be so rude as to get into the plants like that?

Figure 5: FRAMED!


Figure 6:  Not so bad – especially when she is sleeping.  But wait… is she on the couch?

Figure 7: Or just relaxing in the backyard….I do not even mind sharing my blanket.