The Doors…LIVE!

Well, any fan of The Doors may be excited by this blog title but really I am not talking about the band performing live but rather the new “Live” photo feature on the iPhone.   The following video is mostly composed of a number of these “photos” pulled into iMovies by my Dad – under my direction of course.  In fact, I had to do a little internet research to figure out how to get the live photos to show up in the movie.   You see, the feature captures a few seconds prior to – and just after – the still photo.  As I was doing my reading I saw this feature described as the moving paintings in those fun Harry Potter movies…but, really, I feel it is more like those little flip books that animate drawings.  This was of course way before my time, but you get the idea.

Anyhow, the problem I originally encountered is the file is primarily saved as a picture and not a movie.  You can see the “action” in iPhotos, but if you just pull the same files into iMovies you miss the real action!   Luckily, Apple has a way for one to pull the short movie clips out of iPhotos with another app called Image Capture.  Now, while I do give some  credence to Apple for this approach, there are certainly some improvements that can be added to future additions of Live Photos that would make it even cooler.  As an aside, I guess this is what happens with all innovations…once created, someone sees other possibilities to improve the idea/creation beyond the original release.  That is one thing I have to give you people credit for…without this incremental innovation leading to the lock lock out option on the back windows of cars, one might have suffocated as the window went up and trapped a back seat driver’s head in the opening.  Now I don’t actually have any experience with this particular example, but imagine… when I am standing on the back seat with my head out the window and my paws on the armrest I might by accident hit the little lever that causes the window to go up, and it might trap my neck.  Just imagine the panic of the entire car if such a thing were to happen.   Luckily for me…I mean for all backseat riders…someone figured out a way to give the driver absolute control over the situation of the window status (and we are all so glad that Sammy is still with us because of this innovation).  My point being is that modifications of new ideas is what we expect…nay demand…of you people.

But once again I have gotten way off topic.  Surprise, surprise!  It is a Sunday evening after all and we had a beautiful, sunny weekend which we took full advantage of by hanging outside in our backyard and going for some good walks.  Unfortunately, Sammy still struggles at times with our new door so coming in from the outdoors was, at times, a challenge for the old guy.  Luckily for me he has a great younger sister to show him the way.   Have I mentioned before that I am one brave cookie?   Hmmm.   Cookies.  I could really go for a treat about now.  If only I wasn’t so tired…



Afternoon Delight

I am still not getting the appropriate recognition from my parents for my star status.  And just because I am no longer one of the top stories on their intranet site, I still think that I deserve a little more respect.  After all, not only did I get 45 likes on that posting but I have a ton of followers for this blog – if a ton is more than 3.  Which it might be if there were a lot of 000s behind it.

My point being is that my scribe tried to feed us some more of those crumbly, crummy little treats this weekend.  Sammy and I were not pleased at all!  Unfortunately for him, he made one little mistake.  I think this video speaks volumes…

…and with that said, I will leave you tonight knowing that Sammy and I are once again ON TOP OF THE WORLD!


Almost Famous

Or maybe I should say A Star is Born!IMG_0020

Yep.  That is me…on the FRONT page of the intranet site where my parents work!  And it is a big company!

By the way, most of my ideas are GRAND sized – not small – but I do think if they follow my nose they will be rewarded with some great discoveries.  I am quite clever.

Now that I am a true star (this story already has more than 35 likes) I think it is time for a few things to change around here:

  1. More treats!  And I am not just talking about those stale milkbones.  I want salmon flavored soft bites.
  2. No more kibble.  A prima donna such as myself deserves steak, salmon and pork chops for all my meals – not just some left over juice on my parents plates after a bowl of dry lumps of some processed “meat”.  Do you think the queen eats Spam?  Just saying.
  3. More room on the bed.  Should a diva share a king sized bed with her scribe?  I think not!IMG_6398

I’ll stop here…for now…but if I get these basic things and everyone starts to really realize all the small intangibles that I bring to brighten their lives then maybe this will be the end of my demands.  Well, except for longer and more frequent walks, of course!

mid jump.png

Montana “almost famous” Tornado

Wardrobe Malfunction

So the Super Bowl, and the associated half-time celebration, passed this year without any obvious or pre-arranged clothing catastrophes.  Unfortunately for my Father this was not true for one of his socks this morning.

I don’t completely understand how all of this happened and as you might remember from a previous post, I have been framed for this sort of thing before.  As you can plainly see Sammy is standing right next to me…the sock between us.  Why did I get the look from Dad when he emerged from the shower?

IMG_6387 (1)

Now I am no expert in forensics but I don’t see anything in these photographs that would implicate me in this matter!

Anyhow, tonight when my parents got home and my Dad changed into his socks this evening there was apparently some issue that persisted over the ENTIRE day with this piece of clothing.  Sammy and I were very concerned over the state of his wardrobe – especially since it was so cold outside and his sock didn’t look like he was in a state that would protect him during our evening walks…which you can see from our investigations was a major concern for us.

Even upon close inspection we weren’t sure how his sock was going to hold up for a walk in the coldest of winter times.

Then it dawned on me…WE don’t have socks when we do our stroll around the block!  So in the spirit of the season, or should I say the [hopefully] end of the season, I called out my Father’s toughness and ability to pony up and deal with the situation in order to win the game (in this case taking us for a walk)…and much to my surprise Dad got his boots on and did the honorable thing.  Yeah, OK.  He didn’t win any trophies, nor will he get any Super Bowl rings, but he might just get an MVP award…if it weren’t for the fact that my Mother already won it :).






Polar Opposites

Yesterday morning it was not so warm outside…as happens a lot this time of year around here.  As is normal in the morning, I was hanging out with Dad, getting my pets, when we realized Sammy wasn’t bugging us at all – he typically distracts us begging for a couple of pets himself during “Montana time.”  But since he wasn’t interfering this morning Dad got a bit worried about what he was up to.  Not just because the guy is so old now but also because he is such a card and likes to get in trouble…like when he pulled out a box of photos and letters that is under our TV and started throwing them around our living room – hehehe….that boy.  Anyhow, we finally located him hanging out – well not just hanging out but laying around our patio!   Did I mention it was REALLY cold outside?

I take the opposite approach during these times of extreme cold.  For instance, while Dad was trying to convince Sammy to come inside, I took up residence by our heating register…


Later that day, well actually that evening when my parents returned from work, I was still a bit chilly and got wrapped in a blanket and snuggled up on the couch!

In reviewing some of our old photos I realized that Banshee (Sammy’s twin who I was never fortunate enough to meet) also would hunker down outside when it was cold and snowy.  Although we are all a part of the greatest species that has ever evolved, I guess we are made of slightly different material – at least when it comes to cold adaptation..and jumping skills!



BTW – Sammy and I had our annual vet exam this morning and all is WELL!

Pretty IsN’t Pink

At least that is how my parents felt about the dog door…sorry Ms. Ringwald.

What am I talking about?  Well I think the following video will explain everything but in case it doesn’t (for example if you didn’t read my blog “The Doors”) here is roughly what happened.

We had an issue with our door going outside after construction.  My dad “fixed” the issue by making a temporary dog door out of a sheet of Pink Panther insulation board with a flap.  This apparently was not the most efficient means of giving us an exit to the outdoors…particularly in the cold months.  By efficient I don’t mean how often they have to stand up to open the door when we “need” to go outside – the modified Home Depot version allowed them to stay fixed on the couch just fine – but as it turns out, this contraption was not airtight thus costing them mucho pesos for electricity…not to mention losing the competition to be the most energy efficient household in our neighborhood.  If there is one thing I am it is competitive.  So you can imagine how I would react when seeing our monthly energy consumption reports coming in as “average.”  WHOA!   Not Cool!

So, suffice it to say, I was ecstatic when my dad started to install our new dog door – an actual door that would – as I understand it – be much more energy efficient which should improve our rankings among our village.   Go Mom and Dad!

One downside is that Sammy is an old dog.   And as they say, old dogs don’t learn new tricks …very well.  Not to be rude or anything but I don’t think it is just us dogs :).  So figuring out the new door was a bit of a challenge for the old guy – especially with his sore foot.   And not only that, if he does get stuck outside and is uncomfortable about coming in on his own, his bark isn’t…well it isn’t very…very…very efficient since his surgery.   Lucky for him I have his back.  And if (when) he gets stuck outside and is using his hoarse bark to try garner some attention and no one responds I am there to get him what he needs to gain entrance into our comfy domicile!