Cicadas Revisted

So, after reflecting some on my previous post about creatures with exoskeletons, I began to doubt my logic that sea bugs were better than terrestrial ones.   I mean I do love good seafood but how different can a creepy crawler be if it came from under the water.  So this afternoon, when my dad captured another cicada I was determined to fight through his pinchy little claws (the cicadas not my dads) and eat the little bugger (see youtube video attached for full coverage).

I must say it wasn’t bad but Sammy assures me the 17 year version is much tastier – he and his previous sister Banshee went through bushels of those guys.  Guess I’ll have to wait until 2024.  Hope Sammy is around to show me how to properly ingest them.  For more information on this brood you can check out this website (  Bottom line is:

“The northern Illinois brood, which will emerge in late May 2024, has a reputation for the largest emergence of cicadas known anywhere.”

Speaking of Pinchy, I am reminded of a Simpson’s episode we recently watched on AppleTV.  FXNow has all the Simpsons episodes “On-Demand”.  This particular episode was in season 10 episode 8 – or something like that.  As with most of their shows, there are many great lines/scenes but the link below captures the exact nature of eating things with exoskeletons…as only Homer could do (or my uncle from Michigan):

Needless to say, Sammy pretty much missed the whole sequence of the cicada this afternoon.  He believes his “free time” (that not eating or going for a walk) is best spent resting up – in case either of the aforementioned events should present themselves to him.  For those keeping track, apparently snacking on cicadas does not constitute a true eating event.



…at least now that he is accustomed to dining on lobster….must say the guy has a point. For the bugs of the sea are truly more tasty than their land bound counterparts.


Dog Days of Summer

Happy National Dog Day!

It is like our Mother’s or Father’s Day but without the brunch or the gifting of ties.    We would have liked if my parents had stayed at home with us today instead of going to work.

But when they did get home, and we did our homework of delivering the mail to our Mom, we got a special Pupperoni treat!


And then we did get a pretty nice dinner (chicken on our kibble) and a nice walk.

IMG_4172 IMG_4173 (1)

However, I was always under the impression (albeit it might be from the Al Pacino movie) that dog days were really, really hot.  Not the case here this week I can assure you.  Sammy is very happy about the cool weather but the rest of us were really happy that we have the patio heater that we can plug in.

Dog days

At least the day was made a little brighter by a phone call from our grandparents (Ma and Pa) making sure Sammy and I were properly treated on our big day!




Last weekend I encountered two creatures with crusty outsides – which I later learned were called exoskeletons.  Not sure who came up with that term but what can I say about “biologists” – talk about strange creatures.  Anyhow, based on my recent experience I can attest that all these things with their skeletal structures on the outside are not at all created equal…at least where taste is concerned.

I guess I should back up and explain what I am going on about:

  1. Lobster boils
  2. Cicada hunting

So, lets take this a step at a time.  Last weekend my aunts from Michigan came to visit with my uncles.  They said it was because my parents were having their annual work party that Friday night…mind you Sammy and I have never been invited.  But it happens there was also a lobster boil at Bluegrass that Sunday afternoon.  And guess what?  Sammy and I were not invited to that either.  But from all reports (and this includes the majority of the family returning home – smelling of seafood…and boy do I LOVE seafood – and then going into an extended food coma) this was an awesome event.   Not only did they boil Maine lobsters but they also added clams, mussels, shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage.  Mmmmm.  If I had been there I no doubt would have also ended up napping the rest of the day away too.

IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3741

Instead, after my uncle fully recovered, part of my extended pack were off again to Michigan…which meant I had to spend the evening with my dad and Sammy alone in the backyard.  This turned into more of an adventure than I had anticipated due to the arrival of the Cicada.  Apparently, they are big Hulu fans:


Or maybe it is Jerry Seinfeld:


Neither I would guess would want to make this part of their advertising campaigns…but sometimes reality gets in the way of marketing.   Just saying.

Anyhow, the arrival of said critter put me in hunting mode.  Especially since I knew these guys had exoskeletons and the smell of lobster was still permeating the air of our backyard – no doubt since my dad did not shower…nor clean his lobster splattered t-shirt…after lunch.


This is a shot of me lying in wait behind our orange and lime trees that are just below the TV outside.

But that litter bugger has wings.  Did I mention what I would do if I could fly?  If so, I doubt I mentioned anything about how my hunting prowess would be improved…but then again maybe I would.  Either way, if I had wings that noisy bug would have been toast.  Instead, he traversed our patio area and landed on the wall outside our house.  Being the skillful hunter I am, I was right there…


Unfortunately, there really wasn’t the room to get a good jump at him and it turns he was high up on the wall…or it may be that my legs are rather short.  I worked on getting to him for quite a while but was unable to reach him.  Thankfully, my dad who not only has longer legs than myself but these incredible opposing thumbs came to my rescue and captured the cicada and gave him to me.


But here is where I need to correct myself.   I really shouldn’t thank my dad for capturing this thing since it tasted God awful.  I was so thinking LOBSTER.  Let me just say that all beings created with exoskeletons were NOT created equal…at least where tastiness is concerned.


If I could fly…

If I Could Fly.   By Montana “Air” Dancer

If I could fly:

-could a leash hold me down?

-would I still love to sniff the air?

-would going for a ride still excite me?

-would the squirrels stand a chance?

-would I ever want to do gardening again?

-could I still fetch?

  • would I want to jump for toy?

-would the neighbors be sad that they couldn’t point at the jumping dog?

-what would Sammy do?

  • would he be able to fly too at such an old age?
  • and if not, would my wings be strong enough to carry him?

-could I chase down those big ravens in New Mexico?

– how long would it take me to get to New Mexico?  or Michigan?

– would sleeping on the bed with my parents be meaningful?

  • or hanging out with my aunts on the hammock?

– would I ever stop to smell the flowers?

I guess I am happy to be grounded.  And to be a dog.  Is there really anything better?


IMG_3877Jumping Montana

IMG_4142 (1)Gardening II

New Kid on the Block

First off, the title of this blog has nothing to do with the boy band from way back when.  1) it was way before my time; 2) I’m not interested in fads; 3) in my opinion their music lack originality and insight.  While I am on this subject, if anyone else refers to me as Hannah Montana I may just lose my cool.  Not only because of what the character represents (which is SO not me) but also what the actress has done since.

Anyhow, the title that I chose has to do with my lack of correspondence recently.  I am not going to call him my “boyfriend” or anything – although my parents like to make fun of my since they think I spend all my time looking under the fence and sniffing around the back of our yard – but the neighbor to the south of us just got a new companion.  They haven’t chosen a name for him yet but he told me what he likes to be called.  We will see if the humans get it right…not holding my breath mind you. 🙂 Although he is much younger, he does remind me a lot of my big brother.


I haven’t seen him the last couple of days but my parents calmed me down by saying he probably went with his dad up to Wisconsin for the weekend.  I look forward to when he returns.  I must say I was really quite worried earlier this week when we were awoken by the smell of skunk wafting through our windows that the kid might have gotten mixed up with one of those black critters with the white stripes.  Boy do I have some stories about those little stinkers.  Sammy warned me about them but I didn’t think to pass along his insights to the new guy – plus sometimes you just have to learn from experience…not saying that happened to me or anything but…

On another note, I must say the kid is much more refined than those old biddies to the east of us.  I wouldn’t want to use that word that is often used to describe us female dogs but it would be fitting for those two.  My brother seems to ignore all three dogs around us…for the most part.  I am not really sure what that is all about but he claims he has had to deal with worse neighbors in his past – and this includes the lot that lives around our grandparents house in Michigan…by the way, since I’ve been so distracted with the new kid, I forgot to tell you how they visited us at our house last weekend.  Ma and Pa at our house!  That was pretty cool.  Wonder when we get to start visiting them again.  The burning bush in our backyard is starting to turn and that is usually a sign that football season is near.  Love the road trips and all but I must admit I dread what happens at the end of that season…I am a southern girl and snow really isn’t my thing.  Something tells me the new kid is going to like the cold

Well, that is it for tonight.  I am sure my dad or mom will take some embarrassing picture of me sniffing under the fence and claim I am ignoring my bro and trying to sneak in some time with my “boyfriend” – and they will likely try and attach one or two of them into my future posts – but for the time being I am safe from such subterfuge.