Dental Hygiene

Many of you have probably heard that taking care of your teeth is important for long lasting health.  This includes flossing regularly.   Something Sammy has not taken to heart.  This fact may explain his current status as the “Snagletooth of Fairoaks”.

Yep.  If it isn’t obvious from these pics, my old man brother has snapped off both his lower canines…which by my calculations make him two-forths or 1/2 the man he used to be.  OK.  All three of these pics are of his lower right canine, but if the scribe was more patient he’d find the pic of his lower left canine (or he could just pick up his camera and take a new pic).

And to be clear, this is likely a result of his lack of flossing over the years.  This should not be confused with Flossy McGrews located in Denver, CO.

This place had a ton of cool stuff (as I ascertained from viewing pics my parents took back before I was born):

No shortage of shoes there.   Those people have definitely heard the saying:

“I have too many shoes…said NO one ever.”

Interestingly, and inexplicably, Fossy’s is not on Atlas Obscura!  Neither was Ken the computer guy who was just down the road and helped out my parents when they had a power source issue.   Luckily for them, Ken fixed the problem, Fossy inspired them and then this BBQ place satiated their appetites – boy, if only I had been there to polish off their plates and lick their fingers (if I wasn’t already full from that stuffed cat…just kidding!  I can always eat BBQ anything!).

Not sure what this was all about, but the snow, trees, mountain side make me believe there was some great sledding opportunities I’d have loved to participate in!

Seems I got a bit off track with all this Flossy/Denver stuff.

My point is that it is important to take care of ones teeth.  However, the little ribbons of crud you people use for floss is not going to be sufficient to clean my teeth.   Therefore, I created my own (patent pending) brand of canine floss.   I think the following video will demonstrate its utility and composition (I just hope this doesn’t end up creating prior art thus invalidating my invention!).

The Tempest


In Plain Sight

Sammy warned me about this game that my parents used to play with Montana after garbage days but I didn’t totally get how it all played out.  Today I was introduced to it (although Sam insists I already played it once since living here…but if that was true there is no way it would’ve taken me this long to locate Dad and I certainly wouldn’t have freaked when I found him).  Maybe I should just let the video speak for itself.

What you may have missed from this clip is the total kissy-kissy I gave Dad when I did find him.  He claims he was too busy trying to maintain his balance so he didn’t end up in the muck in our southwest garden room and was therefore unable to continue filming and Mom was too busy laughing/did not have her phone and therefore could not capture the action.

I probably should have cross referenced the original video/blog but I had to work on my nails.

The Tempest

ps – I have a ton more stories to tell but finding a time where the scribe is paying attention and I don’t have hygiene duties to take care means it may be a while before I can get them into blog form.



Raising Tempest

As I was reviewing the following clip of me trying to make may way out of the blanket my dad bought me on my first night with the new pack, I was reminded of a movie I may have once seen – or at least I’ve heard talk of.  What I haven’t told you (or shown you) is my new favorite game with Dad in the evenings.  Maybe soon I’ll share exactly what I mean by that but for now I am going to focus on Nicholas Cage…one of the stars of the aforementioned film.

But first a little digression to a story I recently read on one of our favorite sites on the internet:  Up until recently, when for no explicable reason our daily email alerts failed, we enjoyed the stories and insights of Walt Hickey in his column Significant Digits.  However, despite being dropped from receiving the automatic witticisms of this column, we still stop by the site to see what is up.  Just the other day there was a whole article about our boy Nick and I can’t agree more that Raising Arizona – the film I’ve referred to but have not named until now – is where he shines the brightest…that and Moonstruck.  If you are interested, here is the link to the story:

Interestingly enough though, the scene that got stuck in my mind tonight was not one in which Nick had any lines.  In fact, he is not in it at all:

Maybe it was the torrential downpour that we are currently experiencing, or John Goodman’a fight to work his way out of the “tunnel” to escape his 9 month captivity (or some period of incarceration approximating this duration), or the symbolism of rebirth, which he then aids his accomplice in – which, by the way, is much shorter than 9 months for us dogs…we are born, and born again much faster than you human types as we happen to be much closer to the angels (no offense).   Where was I?  Oh yeah.  This scene reminded me of tonight, or rather reviewing the video from tonight reminded me of this scene.  Here is what I endured:

On a side note, which may also have played a part in my cognitive resonance to this film tonight, is that my Uncle Stephen used to mess with Montana and call her by other state names.  His favorite:  Arizona.

So maybe this blog should really be called Raising Montana!  Come to think of it, her and I share a lot in common – hound like ears, a good nature, love of all meat products – especially from the ocean.   So could it be that she and I are 1?  Timelines (at least on a human level) suggest not, but….

The Tempest

PS: Sam and Dad were no help.  Even my furtive glances at the camera and my brother got me nothing.  A girl just sometimes (almost always?) has to do things for herself!

Big Box Stores

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about these so called Big Box stores but I for one am glad they exist.  I mean really… without a store to make and sell big boxes I wouldn’t be able to have such a great time playing with the scribe.  Not to mention, how would Amazon deliver all my treats, toys, and bones?

Unfortunately, my parents took the big box out to the recycle bin so I couldn’t build a fort with it.  Luckily I am a resourceful girl and built a fort out of the couch which was perfect for protecting me from invaders (like Sammy) who might try and steal the cheese and beef filled bones I found in the closet this morning.

So in summary, big boxes provide both fun and inspiration and getting rid of them would be a travesty.  That’s just my opinion, but it just so happens that my opinion is as close to “right” as anything I know.

The Tempest.

Note: the fact that the air mattress in our couch needed replacing had NOTHING to do with me…just poor craftsmanship – and many years of usage.

The Masters

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time there is one thing that you’ll no doubt know about me:  I give credit where credit is due…to ME!

When last I corresponded, via the blog I took over from Montana when she went to college, I told you how I was going to combat the bad attitudes and crappy weather we are having around here.   Lo and behold, the next day on our morning walk we came across this springtime delight:


Then a few days later these started popping up around our yard:

I even inspected a few new growths in the backyard to ensure that spring was indeed here as I speculated would happen once I posted my last interactions with Snowy:IMG_0109

Yep.  I did it.  Call me the Master of Spring!  No, I didn’t get a green jacket like those golfers get when they are crowned the winner of The Masters, but that is fine with me…I am not a big fan of jackets.

Then as I predicted, the sun came out today and with it some modestly warm temperatures.  This gave Sam plenty of time to warm up his old bones in the sun and provided the opportunity for my parents to begin their spring cleaning of the yard which included bringing out the umbrellas and chairs for our tables.   In fact, it was so nice (thanks to me) that my Dad even brought out the TV so we will be ready for the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Triple Crown of horse racing.  Here you can see part 1 but for some reason (maybe because they didn’t really do anything) there are no pics of part 2:


You may notice from the bottom of this pic that I have been busy distributing my toys in prime locations around the back yard.   These are some glorious times!

Hopefully the azaleas will realize soon that I coaxed spring away from the lingering fingers of winter and will flower for our annual picture come derby day – which this year just so happens to be on Cinco de Mayo (also known as the anniversary of my mom’s PhD).  Looking forward to the party hats.

And for those of you who are thinking… “when did they get a deck?  How is Tempi on wood?”  No worries.  I am on the table.

The Tempest


You are all welcome that I brought the real onset of spring!

April (snow) Showers, Bring…

A bunch of bad attitudes from the people around here.

Sammy, on the other hand, is seeming to relish in the colder temps that have engulfed the whole upper Midwest this “spring.”  He said he could do without the snow on the ground which gets caught in the hair of his poor old man toes.  I’m pretty agnostic to the temperatures since I am a pretty awesome dog and nothing bothers me…but I must admit I am not a big fan of days and days of rain.

The fact that the snow showers and cold temperatures continue to frustrate the local humans made me sit down and give a great deal of thought as to what I might be able to do to remedy the situation.  I found chewing my new leather toy to be especially conducive to productive thinking so I also spent a good amount of time gnawing on these delicious treasures from Amazon.

As it turns out, the thought came to me rather soon after sitting down but I continued working on my cow as I worked through my course of action to accomplish the real onset of spring (sometimes I have to make things look more difficult than they are so my parents feelings of inadequacy don’t rise to the surface…again).

The solution is really quite simple.   I have been delaying sharing a video capturing my last interaction with my cousin Snowy when we visited Michigan in March.  Therefore, the weather stayed cold and the snow showers continued as a reminder to me (or rather my scribe) to get to work on showing you our good times.

So with no further ado, here is the video and hopefully Mother Nature will recognize my attempt to quell the cold spell and return us to warmer temps so the April showers will produce some beautiful May flowers!

The Tempest

Disclosure:  Sammy picked the music for the video and I am not sure if he was having pronoun problems (“They need to be sedated” instead of “I wanna be sedated”) or if he truly wishes he had been sedated so he could have avoided the whole scene.  He is a man of mystery…


This weekend was not my favorite despite the fact that my parents were home and I didn’t have to spend any time in my crate.  The Problem?…rain, rain and more rain and sleet and snow and more rain.  This almost made me wish I had to spend the day in my crate because looking outside from my perch on the couch was just so depressing.


The only good thing to come from all this rain is that we have our lake front property back!  Although this is a big bonus for me (Princess that I am), Sammy isn’t too keen on getting his feet wet and if it was really up to me (Awesome as I am) I’d send most of this water to the southwest to douse those awful wildfires and prevent any new ones from starting – especially around my Grandparent’s place in the mountains of New Mexico.  I don’t recall when the place was filled with evergreens that were actually green and not burnt sticks but Sammy assures me that I would have preferred it the old way so I don’t want another fire to storm through ’cause I love visiting when I am invited.  (aside note:  I am glad that my musings help distract my readers from the true tragedy of local fires…I know from my Mom how bad that can be…).


Despite the rain I still found some time to enjoy myself.   First, Sam and I still got a walk each day although we all returned home pretty wet.

Secondly, the rain did not stop the Amazon delivery folks from coming to our house and bring us a number of awesome presents.  The first of which were those yummy leather toys my new best friend MF told my parents about.  As you can see, once I got rid of that annoying stuffing fluff from this racoon, I went to town on it until it ended up looking like an un-stuffed turkey.  Unfortunately, this led to it being taken away from me due to my parent’s concern that eating the entire leather “skin” of the ‘coon would upset my stomach…they have no idea.

Around this time, my parents came back with more toys and treats for me and the rain abated for a minute or two (see chapter 1 of the following video – good times).

Then, even more leather toys arrived for me from the good people at Amazon.  This time it was the replacement for the iPad cover for the new iPad I gave my Dad the opportunity to buy earlier this week.  Unfortunately, they put it out of my reach this time which I was obviously unhappy about (Chapter two of the video).  Looking forward to the time they forget how long my legs are and I get to munch on that tasty blue leather!

The Tempest