The Tempest Trap

Apparently, one of my Sweet Dispositions that my parents are trying to curb is counter surfing.  As it turns out, I am quite adept at getting things off of surfaces above my head.  This attribute has increased as I have grown up…longer legs = longer reach!  And the joke is on them (my parents) since they thought I was full grown when they got me.  HAHAHAHA!

Here is a short clip providing a glimpse into my prowess:

As you may have heard, my scribe tried to get me in trouble but I stayed true to form…Good dog Tempi! (btw – he tried to drown out the sound on that clip but failed miserably).

So to try and “train” me – or curb my enthusiasm – they tried this little ploy:


They seem to think this “barricade” will prevent me from getting onto their work computers, thrashing their New Yorker daily calendar, etc. etc.   Those fools!  But I mean that in the most complementary sense (they do feed me after all).

You might be asking yourself why do they think some little gate (or three) will stop me?  Well it turns out that Sammy is petrified of the things…something I have yet to figure out since he doesn’t seem at all afraid of ME!?!?!

This fear was passed down from Sammy and Banshee to Montana but it seems to have skipped a generation.  In fact, my grandparents in Michigan have a gate that can be fastened to a eye-hook on the wall leading down to their basement but I have found a way down there despite this obstacle.  As it turns out, I am quite adept at scurrying under such barricades (Sammy thinks this is remarkable given what he calls my fat a$$) .

My parents keep trying to build “The Better Mouse Trap” or in this case a Tempi Trap but I am continually able to figure the puzzles out.  Know why?  I am a clever girl!!!  Go ME!  Despite my cleverness, I have yet to master any of our homework assignments (I prefer shredding the mail).  For some reason, my parents don’t seem worried that I will not go to college early and they seem to be happy that I apply my mental efforts into non-academic efforts including these puzzles.   They always say, keep on track and eventually you’ll graduate but enjoy your time before college.  Gotta say that their acceptance of my ways is one of the reasons I love them both (and Sammy – who also doesn’t seem to be in any rush to graduate…thank goodness!).




Ever since I have arrived at my forever home my new family has been trying to make me feel at home.   This is a very comforting sentiment and they have been doing a good job overall.  The dog trainers said it typically takes about 4 months for us canines to settle in (or at least understand this is home) – and I listened to EVERYTHING those Bark Busters folks said.  To underscore the duration of time that has passed I have recently even taken to barking at dogs on their walks as they pass our front window!  This hasn’t been greeted with the same praise as I was expecting…after all, one of main duties as pups is house security.  So there has not been a whole lot of “Good Tempi,” but more “Get off the couch” or “Shhhh, we’re trying to watch Netflix!”  Whatever.  The good news is that I now feel enough at home to realize our borders enough to fulfill job 1.

However, they have frequently missed the opportunity to really give me the impression this was my final destination.  For instance, this fall I sat so pretty and patiently at the table outside by the fire pit for service…

…but none came.  I even looked to the left and the right…still nothing.

Then this fall, I tried again when the table was moved closer to the screen door…


…again, nothing.  I am beginning to think the service in this place really sucks.


Even sitting ON the table and having Sammy in the picture didn’t inspire the waitstaff to take note of my rapidly wasting waistline!

I even tried creating a scene at the bistro by getting into it with another customer…who by the way was also getting no attention from the establishment!

But FINALLY – and maybe it was because I have almost been here 6 months (a long wait if I don’t say so myself)…or it may have been that it was a beautiful sunny day in February – a place setting and water glass appeared on the table along with some clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich!  The really sad part is I was off chasing Sammy around the yard and didn’t get there until there were only a few crumbs on the plate:

So overall, the presentation and execution of the meal would probably get them Chopped in any cooking competition (“thank you Chef”), but the fact that I was finally recognized as a distinguished patron…in fact a regular at the cafe…makes me really look forward to this spring and summer when I am sure they’ll be open for business more frequently.  In the meantime, during cold blustery days of late winter and early spring, the proprietors of this bistro will work on their culinary skills and hire a proper server.

Garcon!  Table for 1 please!



You might think I spelled that wrong since no doubt you are thinking of Tony DiNozzo – one of the characters in my favorite TV show NCIS (even though he was an Ohio State fan on the show- but then again that is all fiction).

In reality, this Toni is my new best friend/daughter.   Toni the Meerkat.


As a responsible parent, I make sure to take care of Toni.  Which includes tucking her into bed when she is tired.


You may think I treat everyone with such kindness and respect but this is not the case.  Just ask Mr. Vulture…this is before he lost his head (I won’t show you the “after” pics).


You may ask why it has taken me so long to tell you about my new friend.  It wasn’t that I was hiding things from you but rather the fact that my Uncle S and Aunt K came this weekend to visit us.   This was a great event…my first Bluegrass Boil!  Well actually I didn’t get to go but I did get some great shrimp smells when they got home.   Sammy tells me this happens every so often and that he and Montana always reveled in the aftermath of these events (see MoTor’s entry from 8/24/15  Unfortunately we canines haven’t ONCE been invited…but Uncle S has gone more than once!

Not only did they go to the shrimp fest, but they also went to the Chicago Botanic Garden while they were here…


Which is funny since they always love joking about the plant “cotoneaster” whenever they go their with Uncle S.  Mom and Dad always thought it was pronounced “Cotton Easter.”  S, the proper Brit, would scoff at them and say it is pronounced “co-Toni-aster.”  Boy is it fun for my parents to get under Uncle S’s skin by saying cotton easter!

Maybe it was the reveling in these stories that made me realize that my meerkat friend was named Toni.  But then again, maybe it was her name from birth and had nothing to do with any of us…just like they think they named me The Tempest :)!



Under the Weather

So once again so many stories are piling up and my scribe has been nowhere to be seen – in absentia.

Apparently the reason he stayed home recently from work was that he was “under the weather” … whatever that means.  Not sure why such a condition would prevent him from taking the time to put my thoughts and adventures into the blogosphere but he works in mysterious ways.

And to be honest with you, if you watch this short video clip it sure as heck looks like it was ME that was under the weather and I never took a day off…just saying:

One final point I would like to make if you don’t mind.   I think these pictures shows that he was just fine…

…maybe a bit under the dog but that surely is a good thing and I would have thought that it would have inspired him to help me out!

The Tempest

-hopefully I’ll be back soon with some of those stories.


My time with Sammy up in the mountains of New Mexico taught me that we deal with similar stimuli in completely different manners…but in the end we are still pals.  Interesting.  We seem to celebrate one another’s differences rather than making an issue of it…well we still tussle now and again but in the end we make an awesome team.

I might not have appreciated this fully until my parents showed me some videos of Luna – a dog they met while in Florida over the New Years.  She chased her ball in much the same manner as I would have but she was in a strange substance that I have not yet seen.  In a weird way, it was much like the snow we have at home and that we ran around in while in New Mexico.  This is all exemplified in the following video:

Although Luna and I are shown in different environments – maybe we are even from totally different places on this planet – I can see that we will likely be great friends if we were ever to meet…much like Sammy and I have become best of friends!

Peace to all,



Girls just wanna have fun…

Something about the mountain air in New Mexico just inspired me in a way that was eerily familiar but never before experienced myself.

Then it dawned on me: I had seen Montana doing some of these moves when I was reading all her old blogs in preparation for taking over for her.

For those who may not have seen it before here is the link:

As you may have noticed, both of us are able to rotate in either direction when chasing tails and we enjoy a good tromp through the snow in the mountains and when things get a bit out of control we love taking a time out in the house by the fire…although that last part wasn’t actually in the video but trust me – it’s true.

Wait!  You don’t have to trust me – we have PICTURES!

Oh yeah!  And I also like digging in the snow in the mountains:


Although we are different dogs in a lot of ways we have a lot of similarities.  Maybe that is why our parents love us both so much.


Return to Sender

Birthday card: $2.25

Stamp: $0.41

Check inside: $50

The sentiments written within: Endearing and lasting

Sammy and Tempi bonding: Priceless

At least that is how my dad felt after retrieving said card from the backyard and hearing from mom how the two of us worked together to shred the thing.  Seems like our long drive to and from New Mexico has brought us closer together.  I just hope our grandmother and grandfather aren’t too mad at us for invalidating their check and destroying the card they sent.   Luckily, dad had already read what they had written and it made his day.

Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of the two of us in action as our parents were in the middle of getting ready for work.  However, here is a picture of our handiwork:


Incidentally (and in fairness to myself),  I did leave them a warning last night that if they left all those papers (including the card) on the counter within my ever growing reach, they might be sorry.



The Tempest

-Got lots of good stories to tell you about our great trip out west.  Who would have thunk that I could behave for that long of a drive?!?!