Sol 5: No particular time

Woke up this morning when Mom headed out to post some more flyers – she’s been amazing.

Dad coaxed me up on the bed and I comforted him for an hour or so.


Later in the morning, my parents took off on another mission – this time targeting dropping various rescues/kennels/pet stores in the area that they had not already emailed flyers to.  They stopped at Orphans of the Storm which is where they had originally gotten my sister.  So many cute and adoptable dogs there – many of which they wanted – just not as much as Montana.   There is a longer story about the last time I went with them there but I’ll leave that for Montana to relate to you.

BTW – for any of you who think Montana and I “sound” alike in this blog then you haven’t heard us bark in real life.  We sound nothing alike.  However, as far as my dictation style goes I might have adopted a bit of her style – after all, I am an avid reader of her blog (not to mention she is constantly chattering about her ideas for the scribe during our days alone while the parents are at work).

This evening, they went back out to the spot where she was last seen.  However, I was not allowed to join them as I was pretty gimpy all day – one of my front paws was bothering me and I assumed it was from writing Mo-Tor’s blog for her during this hiatus but then I remembered I am not the one typing.   Maybe it some sort of sympathetic pain or I twisted it last night spazzing out at a neighbor dog when we returned from Ft. Sheridan.  Tonight they didn’t spend a lot of time looking for her.  They dropped off her crate with a family who lives in the area who is nice enough to let them try this as a way to make her feel at home.  These were TOTAL strangers!  You people can really be cool at times!  When Montana returns I am going to send those folks something nice.  Dad then took a walk from their house to the spot my sister was last spotted hoping she’d follow the trail of stank to her crate.

A quick aside:  before they left on this excursion, they left me my dinner.  It was at this point that I noticed her crate wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  I gave Mom a questioning look which just about broke her heart.  It wasn’t until they returned that their motive was revealed to me.  Now I am cool with the whole thing.

On their way home they passed the groomer and the place where she was spotted going into the golf course.  The little bit of kibble they left there was gone but there was no obvious signs it was Montana who ate them.  It was at this point Dad came up with the idea of taking of his sock and holding it out the window as they drove home – hoping our stellar canine sense of smell would guide her home and show her a way over a bridge that would get her over the big road that she is probably terrified of crossing.  Did I mention it was my mom who was the fortunate one to get to hold the smelly article of clothing in question?  She was blabbering something about wanting to be the person to drive in the future.  Whatever.

Finally, since it was a weekend, a whole bunch of my parent’s friends and co-workers were out biking, walking and driving around the areas where we think she might be hiding.  Who knew my parents knew so many people – let alone ones who would help them.  Again, it is times like these that really show the hearts of people and the extent they’ll go to to help their own.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that the subject of the search is someone as adorable as my sister :).


I heard a rumor that my Auntie Elaine might come tomorrow.  No one is saying much.  I really love her, so I guess they want it to be a surprise to help cheer me up.  I have been in a funk without my sister.

That is all for today.  Hopefully, we’ll get some more sightings of her soon so we can figure out where to spend our efforts.


Sol 4: 18:33 Hours

Strangest coincidence EVER!  Ok, so maybe I don’t have a handle on all of history but I must say this was very odd.  Maybe even a good omen – if you believe in such things.

Tonight we all headed out to Fort Sheridan again to go for a walk in the area (and time) that Montana was reportedly spotted last night.   On the way, Dad decided to take a little detour and go by our groomers just in case she returned to the scene of the escape.

No luck.

So we continued up the road to head off toward her last spotting.  Not 500 yards (and to be clear I was in the back seat so my ability to calculate distances may be a bit distorted) the car came to a quick stop.   I looked out the window and saw a tan dog go shooting by down the middle of the road.  I swung my head around and through the front window saw a woman running up the road after the dog – like she was going to catch it!

Anyhow, just like that we did a u-turn and went after the dog.  This was a harrowing chase that is going to be hard for me to capture.  Suffice it to say that we watched as the dog “Tia” (so we thought from the woman yelling after us) was running between cars and dodging on coming traffic.  We were closing in on her when a truck pulled in front of us and cut off our visual on the dog.   Luckily the truck was nice and slowed down to give “Tia” room to maneuver.    Then we got to an intersection and she whipped through it untouched.  The truck took a right and we saw her up a half a block away – still in the middle of the street.   Accelerating we were hoping to catch up before the next intersection but the little girl was way too fast!  Vrrroooommm.  Right passed the Domino’s where a driver had spotted Montana on Sol Zero at dusk.   Finally, we got through the intersection and saw her take a right into someone’s garage and emerge on the adjacent street.  Mom and Dad had a little communication issue at this point but that was quickly fixed as Mom jumped out of the car and proceeded on foot as the dog entered a park.  Dad drove the car to the west side of the park and grabbed some treats.  I watched the whole scene play out from the backseat of our new car.  Dad approached the dog heading east into the park and Mom was moving northwest.  Just at this time, another car came to a stop near where Mom was.  The woman who was running down the street had flagged down a car who drove her to the spot.  Turns out the dogs real name was Kia – which from my point of view was so much more her!  The two women in the car and mom entered a little playground while Dad circled the grassy area being more or less ineffective from where I was sitting (Mom is chiding me right now noting that Kia would have run away had Dad not been there to keep her in the playground – whatever – Dad ROCKS and Mom is not my scribe so I tell it my way).  Kia was dodging and darting the three women chasing her.  Oh did I mention a family of three neighborhood folks were trying to play on the slides while this was all occurring.  Luckily, since we were on a mission to lure Mo-Tor back home, Mom had some hot dog in her pocket.  And based on her reading of how to approach lost/running dogs (thanks Grandma and Aunt Diane), Mom did everything perfectly including tossing a bit of hot dog in front of Kia’s nose.  This stopped her panic mode and engaged her “ooh food” mode long enough for the three of them to get her leash back on!  Success!  And better yet, I got a bite of hot dog too when they got back to the car.

Unfortunately, our search for Montana was not as successful but I did my part by marking the area with my big brotherly scent!


Hey, there is more than one way to let her know I’ve been around.

Also, tried to clue my not so observant parents – especially when it comes to smells – that Montana was here not too long ago.


Hopefully the weekend and cooler weather will mean more sightings of her so we can get her back home.

Power of the Paw (POTP), here is hoping Karma rules.

Yours Truly,


A big call out to EVERYONE who is helping in the search.  We really appreciate all the help, and know that there are so many people doing much more than we realize.


Sol 4, 0755 hours

False alarm.

Oh how hopeful we all were.  Well at first I was a bit perplexed at the rapid movement of my Dad and Mom.  One moment I was being petted in the backyard by Dad per our normal routine.  The next we were inside, a kong was being thrown my direction – something I am always in favor of – and Mom was running down the stairs not quite final in her readiness for work (she was dressed – no worries there folks).  This was after Dad got the phone call and yelled up the stairs that the dog pound in Highland Park had Montana!

Once again…VRRRROOOOMMMM.  Off they went saying I’d be really excited when they got back if the report was true.   I sat patiently in my room waiting for them to return.  I was thinking of the big kiss I’d give her and how next time she was given a treat I wouldn’t try and steal it from her.   It is the thought that counts, right?

Unfortunately, about 30 minutes later they returned a little crestfallen and after giving me another kong and a pat on the head they headed off to work.

Turns out this was the little guy at the pound:


Apparently, the guy at the pound looked so disappointed it wasn’t her.  Didn’t want to tell him there was a pretty obvious indication it wasn’t a her, and 10 pounds is not 40, and button ears and of all of that, but he was so nice and trying so hard to find this guys home so why be sarcastic.   Plus the little guy was by all accounts very sweet – but unchipped.  So here is to him finding his parents again soon!


Sol 3: Fort Sheridan

Sammy here trying to fill in for Mo-Tor until she gets back…not sure why she took off when I was left standing there huffing at her to stay put, but she always has had a mind of her own.  I hope she is enjoying the great outdoors and getting in some good tornado action in all that space.

From my perspective, things have been unusually crazy this week.  Take today.  My parents came home a little early, but they came in through the garage – which is typical – but not par for the course this week where they have been blasting through the front door.  I was zonked out and was a bit confused as I wasn’t ready for them to be home.  I suppose I should admit I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the whole guard duty thing since Mo-Tor has been around.  Where is she anyway?  I figure these are my retirement years so let the youngsters cut their teeth.  After I was fed my parents (mom) were (was) making dinner when the phone rang and all of a sudden they were in motion.  The chicken was thrown into a bag, the rice – still in the pot – was stuffed in the oven, the greenbeans thrown in the microwave, a kong was hastily filled with a milkbone and they were gone.  VRRRROOOOOM.

They just got back…without Montana.  As they were leaving, they said I might be happy when they returned – which is weird since I am always happy when they get back.  I still got my walk but they are once again sleeping on the air mattress/couch in the living room and Montana’s bed, water and food bowls are out on the front porch…like I said things are weird around here.

Turns out the call was from someone who had seen the alerts about Montana and was sure she saw her in the Fort Sheridan area.  Mo-Tor was apparently snooping in garages, but the woman who called was walking some big pit bull or other and didn’t want a dog fight so called my parents.  By the time they got to the site of the sighting she had moved on.  They spent a good hour(s) talking to people in the neighborhood and everyone was very nice and helpful.  They also walked through bushes, left the chicken for her (what??? about me???) and collected some ticks.  IF it was her spotted tonight she is in a great location to be found and returned to us.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping us.  A few more sightings of her in the same area will really go a long way to being sure where to focus our attention.  My plan is to go out to the Fort tomorrow and do some of my special tag on the location – my patented leg lift.

Paws Crossed and POTP!  Waiting for the big welcome home party (where I have been assured we get shrimp, steak, and salmon)!


-I’ll try to update you frequently on the progress we are making and apologize that my dictation to the scribe is not nearly as entertaining as my sister’s :).  I am much more dignified, after all.


at a loss for words

As I have only been the scribe on these blogs it is hard for me to find the words to relate this story.  Montana (Mo-Tor) escaped from the groomers last night as he was preparing them for the car ride home.  We drove/walked around the area a lot last night and had a few reports of people seeing her in the neighborhood.  However, at this time, she is still missing.  We have hung flyers, talked to the police in the town she went missing (and the ones in between) so we are confident we will find her soon.  Fortunately, there are a lot of people walking their dogs in the area and after talking to quite a few of them we have a bunch of people looking out for her.  Our pet-sitters and friends at work are also on the lookout.   Hopefully soon I’ll be able to translate her great adventure to all of you.  Until then, our fingers are crossed and our eyes peeled for the little girl.


-if you know anyone in the Highwood/Highland Park areas in Illinois we’d appreciate it if you passed along the word/picture of Mo-Tor



Boy has it been hot here recently.  The thermometer is reading in the low to mid nineties – which is nothing for a girl from Tennessee, but the heat index is greater than 100F!  I may still spend some time soaking up the solar rays…


…but overall, I even need a little respite from the heat.

So in those cases, when my folks are outside and I want to be with the pack instead of inside in the nice air conditioned house (people are strange) I at least have the cool bed to lie on.

Sammy on the other hand has no interest in the heat…ever!  But that isn’t surprising given that thick fur coat he is wearing all the time.   By the way, his hot spots are improving big time and don’t tell him (since he’ll get way too excited) we are going to visit Dave the Dog guy tomorrow to get groomed.  Generally this just means a bath, nail trimming (and in my case a new coat of black nail polish) but this time Sam may come back with that Mohawk we’ve been talking about ever since he had those darn sores appear.  But once again, my scribe is not keeping me on task.  This is blog is all about heat.

So, you may be wont to criticize me for sleeping on Sammy’s cool bed when he has the thick fur and also wants to spend time with those crazy people in the heat of the day.  Well you can just put those bad thoughts aside and be assured that when he gets too hot on the stones I do accommodate him and share the cool spot with him- he is my big bro after all!


Although, I suppose sometimes I may inadvertently get in the way of the cooling effects of the fan.

But when it gets really bad and he is looking a little sickly, I either step aside and get him to lay on the cool bed or go inside…overheating in the elderly can be very bad – so I have read on the internet!


And today was particularly hot.   This may look like a particularly bad photo but in fact this is my Fathers iPhone fogging up as it went outside after being in the nice air-conditioned environs of the house (even the iPhone doesn’t get complete respite from being with the pack).


Well that is it for today.  Time for a nap.


PS – Dad just reminded me that I originally I wanted to (and promised) another story from our trip to New Mexico and it turns out that it may be relevant to this particular blog subject.

While visiting the land, my parents got a tutorial on how to use an acetylene torch.  And I must say Sammy and I were very interested in this topic as Grandfather was showing them all the knobs, canisters, etc.  During this whole introduction one might say we were even “underfoot” – which apparently is a polite way of saying we were completely in the way and slowing down any efforts to be expedient.   But to be fair to us, they were in the shed which had both shade and a cement floor – two things Sammy was quite enamored with.   However, when the real demonstration began we were encouraged to step aside.   Being the always obedient pups we are, the two of us took a few steps back as Grandfather lit the  torch.


Well nothing actually blew up since Grandfather did everything according to the rules of engagement with said torch, but from a dog’s perspective – with our keen sense of hearing – that thing made quite a disruption in our typically serene mountain surroundings.  Suffice to say, we quickly fled the scene (me to my Fathers side, Sammy to a considerable distance up the road).   All turned out well but I certainly hope there is no cause to ignite that dragon again anytime soon.  It was also a great demonstration that my old Big Bro can still put the move on when needed.



Back at Home

Not that I am done with stories of the mountains of New Mexico, but these videos displaying my diverse athletic prowess were finally available in iMovies – my scribe had to put on his IT hat and try and figure out what was up with the cross-talk between iPhotos and iMovies.  I would have just picked up the phone and called Apple, but Dad had to try and figure things out by using that Google thing.  Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t need to call OR use any search engine.  My deductive powers and computer savvy would have worked it out in no time flat.  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to their laptop while they are at work.

Anyhow, this evening the stars were aligned in such a way that we were able to put together this little clip of me playing catch (yep the flying pig again) with the old man…and this time I am not referring to Sam :).

More on our trip soon.