Good Girl…Bad Dog

Well that isn’t really accurate at all!  Firstly, the artwork for which the title refers to (seen at our favorite local art vendor: Greenleaf Gallery) actually said “Good Boy, Bad Dog” which is totally true by the way.  Secondly, I have been an angel the last few afternoons during which I was left out of my crate.

But I have kind of gotten ahead of myself because on Monday I was once again able to break out.  The new confinement attempt utilized two gates that get “snapped” into place by this little lever thing.  One was put in the door between the kitchen and the dining room while the other blocked the doorway between the kitchen and the “power” room/desk area.


Looks pretty secure, huh?

Well it would have been but what my dad didn’t take into account is that the lever that latches it closed should not be on our side…


It didn’t take me long to figure out that with a little bite here and a tug there the gate would come tumbling down.  Which is exactly what happened.  Best part of the whole adventure is Sammy got stuck on the wrong side of the gate.  So when my parents got home he was in the off limits part of the house while I was sitting all innocent at the back door waiting to give them my evening hugs and kisses!

The next few days the same gates were used “successfully” as a result of the lever being placed away from us.  However the real truth is now that I get to hang with my brother all afternoon I have no real desire to get out…especially since I have all my stuffed animals and chew toys!

Of course when my parents decided to stay out extra late last night (co-workers of my Dad surprised him at Bluegrass to celebrate his new job – which was super awesome for him) I decided I should continue the party when they arrived home.  See I was totally in the know about the whole shindig and in fact it may have been my idea from the start.  Not bragging just saying.


Taken together I think you’ll agree with me that the title of this blog should be: Good Girl…SMART Dog!


-the next morning I was still feeling the effects of the party and thus took refuge under my favorite blanket while my bro looked after me!



7 thoughts on “Good Girl…Bad Dog

  1. well… you know what they say. girls just wanna have fun.
    even if they have to pay for it later.
    although a nap in your favorite chair under a cozy blanket is a good way to pay!
    love you smart little puppy! and your smilin’ big bro! ♥♥


    1. The are both worth the trouble. Fingers crossed she stays like this – and then grows up – Sammy was much worse as a young pup :). We think he may occasionally help her with bad ideas, but we are not sure.


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