First Down

Well, if I was to be completely honest I might be more on my forth down seeing as I have already gotten my teeth into my parent’s down coats, my grandfather’s down coat (the Michigan one, but my New Mexico grandfather better keep his eyes peeled next time I visit in the winter) and of course the couch pillows.  Seems I have a thing for the Eiders and their precious feathers.  But really, who could stand having all those bird smells around without getting their nose into them?  So this time it was a package from my NM grandmother.  They are visiting soon and if this package is any indication we are going to have a grand time!  Yay me!

So forth down.  Turns out this package had me grandmama’s favorite understuffed pillow in it along with a very comfy (and edible) throw blanket.  My parent’s (that would be my dad but I was just trying to save him the humiliation that he is due) made the mistake of coming home first and bringing in the mail, before going to pick up their car from it’s first year (12.5K) checkup.  Of course, this would have been fine if they put the package with my treats behind any of the gates meant to keep me out of their business or behind one of the many locked doors around our house.  Instead, he put the box on the counter and pushed it all the way to the back thinking it was out of my reach… apparently forgetting my long legs and persistence when I have a new target in my nose.  And that little kong stuffed with treats to distract me would only last so long.   I am one efficient bitch.

Anyhow, when they got home they tried that new game where I have to find dad in the backyard.  If you pay careful attention to the first part of this video you may hear my mother sounding the alarm.  I of course stayed true to my task and eventually located my dad…while mom hollered and Sammy wandered about aimlessly.

This is what we all found when we got back to the living room.  No idea how this came about…other than the fact I was left alone without being given dinner.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the clean-up took breaking out the shop vac.  Guess I could have just as well called this blog the shop vac…the Dyson was not enough.

The Tempest – does look like a storm came through, eh?  Cannot wait for the visit!


6 thoughts on “First Down

  1. oh tempi. I am speechless. well. NOT.
    you better hope your ‘adorable’ buttons were all pushed and working overtime!
    and if you happen to chew up NM grandfather’s down jacket… i’m thinking you better change your name and go live with the skunks!!!! just sayin’!
    sending you love and hugs and a cake with a file in case you become incarcerated. XOXO♥


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